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The Best Conqueror in Indonesia, ZAN Plays PUBG Mobile 12 Hours a Day!

The Best Conqueror Player in Indonesia, ZAN Plays PUBG MOBILE for more than 12 hours a day

  • ZAN is the only Indonesian Conqueror listed in the list of “10 best PUBG MOBILE players in Asia” with a total rating of 6737.

PUBG MOBILE get to know the features Ranked with Conqueror as rank the highest. Competition to achieve rank It’s so tight because there are only 100 players who can enter the player list Conqueror at each server.

However, one of the players from Indonesia, Fauzan or ZANnot only prove that he can achieve Conquerorbut also being the only Indonesian player on the list 10 players with rank highest in server Asia.

Recorded as of April 8, 2022, the account named (UID: 510002431) ranked 7th in Asia with a total of rating 6737.

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Proud to Bring the Indonesian Flag

(Source: Instagram/

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, ZAN expressed his pride in being an Indonesian player with rank highest in PUBG MOBILE and his ambition to bring Merah Putih on the list of the top 5 in Asia.

Definitely proud, for being the only one who carried the Indonesian flag in the top 10 in Asia. The target is to keep trying to bring Indonesia on the leaderboard. at least enter the top 5 Asia,” said ZAN.

To be able to become an Indonesian player with the highest rank in Indonesia, PUBG MOBILEZAN admits that he spends most of his time on push rank every season, with more than 12 hours a day.

play day minimum 12 hoursday 4 hours and night 8 hours,” he said.

While push rankthe man who has more than 1.1 million fans on his personal Facebook page it also does live streaming every day at 13:00 WIB and resumed again at 20:00 WIB.

Talk about push rankZAN also provides recommendations for the right time for players who want to push rank up to Conqueror.

Photo via PUBG Mobile

For those who want points it’s better to push during the day because the enemy is not as hard as the night. If you want the enemy to be hard, push at 8 pm and above,” advice.

Moreover, he also advised the players not to rush push rank on the first week of the season opens. This is to avoid the chance of losing due to meeting players who are too strong.

If you just want to chase Conqueror, it’s better just relax, at least until Ace in the first week. Well, in the second, third or fourth week, just push to Conqueror because the enemies aren’t that hard at the end of the season,” he concluded

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