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How do you use the Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends? Here's How

Maybe some of you are wondering about how to use Diamond Kuning in Mobile Legends? SPIN Esports will explain the procedure.

The 515 Carnival Party event is an event that is being discussed recently by Mobile Legends players.

Because in this event there is an item called Diamond Kuning or Promo Diamond, which players are really fighting for.

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Then if you already have the yellow diamond? How to use this Mobile Legend yellow diamond? Here, SPIN Esports explains how.

How to Use MLBB Yellow Diamond

mobile legends yellow diamond

How to use it yourself is very easy, you only need to log in Mobile Legends on the date 28 April 2022 according to the leak.

Then please use your Yellow Diamond to buy skins or any items that are sold in the shop, it can be for gacha effect recall, buy emblems and so on.

So basically the yellow diamond or the Diamong promo can only be used at certain times, if it’s not the time, this item can’t be used at all.

However, you still have to collect as many yellow diamonds as you can during the event period.

Promo diamond mobile legends 2021
Photo via yt aria muhammaddhow to use the yellow diamond mobile legend

Because the number of yellow diamonds you have will affect the amount of discounts you will have later.

That’s how to use the yellow diamond in Mobile Legends, note the date of use, spinners.

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