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The 6 Best Android Barbie Games for Girls

Best Android Barbie Games

Talking about Barbie, surely you already know her. Yep, Barbie is a beautiful doll film series that is the most awaited show for girls.

You can not only enjoy the grace of a beautiful Barbie doll in the film series, now there are many Barbie-themed games that you can play. You can dress up, wear dresses and others.

Well, for those of you who are looking for barbie games, here is BugisTekno sharing some of the best barbie games that you can play on Android smartphones.

List of Best Barbie Games to Play on Android Phones

1. Barbie Magical Fashion

Barbie Magical Fashion Games

The first Barbie game choice is Barbie Magical Fashion. This game made by Budge Studios is certainly very exciting, you can make up your barbie doll as you like.

You can design clothes or costumes, hairstyles and add glittering accessories such as necklaces, crowns, and of course make up with colorful make-up.

2. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Game Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Home decoration to cooking is a favorite for women. You can feel this through the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures game. This game pairs a house design game with a beautiful and charming Barbie character.

You have to help Barbie from decorating the house to cooking delicious dishes, because the guests will soon be coming to see her new home.

3. Princess Makeup Salon

Princess Makeup Salon Games

Furthermore, this Princess Makeup Salon game by Tap Happy will make you feel the excitement of dressing Barbie from head to toe.

You can choose one of the characters then do a thorough make over starting from applying makeup, styling hair, to choosing various accessories. If you have, then you can take a photo with the right choice of background.

4. Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair

Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair Game

As the name implies, Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair invites you to become a stylist, especially in the hair section. You have to style and care for Barbie’s hair in various ways such as combing, giving vitamins, and much more.

After doing the treatment, you can style your hair by cutting, straightening, and adding accessories to beautify your barbie hair. If you have, then you can take a portrait and show off your work on social media.

5. Barbie Fashion Closet

Barbie Fashion Closet Game

It’s not complete without a pet. Barbie Fashion Closet comes with cute and adorable pets.

Not only does it make Barbie’s appearance beautiful and charming, you also need to care for and beautify the appearance of a pet that faithfully accompanies Barbie all the time.

6. Ice Princess Royal Wedding

Ice Princess Royal Wedding Games

Snow White who looks Barbie is getting married. In this game you will be in charge of designing and arranging various wedding needs.

Make the princess more beautiful with a wide selection of dresses. You also need to prepare other things such as cakes decorated with flowers to make the wedding more luxurious.

Well, those were some of the best barbie games in the BugisTekno version that could be an option for you to play on Android devices for free.