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6 Best Android Adhan Applications, Prayer Reminders

Best Android Adhan Apps

Today’s technological advances, we can feel various conveniences, including helping to remind that it has entered prayer time through the call to prayer application.

While traveling, for example, time sometimes doesn’t feel like it’s running and it’s time for prayer. With the call to prayer application, your smartphone will sound the call to prayer when it is time for prayer, even if you are on a trip or busy.

Therefore, for Muslims, especially those who are quite busy and travel a lot, the Adhan application is very important for you to install on your smartphone. Here, BugisTekno has compiled a list of its applications.

Collection of the Best Full-Featured Adhan Applications

1. Muslim Pro

Muslim Adhan Pro application

Muslim Pro app is liked by more than 50 million users on Play Store. This application works by automatically detecting the location time so that it can determine the appropriate time to call to prayer.

Not only that, there are also various features, one of which is a Qibla direction that can help show the right Qibla direction, especially when you are traveling.

2. Usholli

Usholli Adhan Application

The second version of BugisTekno’s call to prayer application is Usholli. This application provides prayer schedules based on data from the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. That way, you don’t need to doubt the accuracy of this application anymore.

In addition, as an application user, of course you will like applications without ads. Yep, this has become the advantage of the Usholli application, which provides adhan application services without any ads.

3. Toppa

Toppa Adhan Application

The adhan application for the third choice of Android phones is Toppa. Just like the previous application, Toppa also provides an automatic call to prayer feature when entering prayer time.

Not only that, the Toppa application also provides various facilities to complete your worship, namely the Qur’an, Islamic media that presents positive news every day as a spiritual shower, and many others.

4. Athan

Adhan Athan Application

Keeping prayer is obligatory for Muslims. Through the Athan application, you can listen to the call to prayer at the right time so that you always remind yourself to perform the obligatory prayers.

In addition, various features are also available that can maximize your worship, such as the Al-Qur’an and its Indonesian translation, prayers for supplication, Qibla directions and many more.

5. Salaam

Adhan Salaam Application

The next best android adhan application is Salaam. This application has received a certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion made by the Samsung Indonesia company.

The features that we can get in this application are also very many, there are Hajj and Umrah guides, Hajj and Umrah prayers, digital Al-Qur’an, Qibla direction, prayer times, and others.

6. Prayer Schedule and Imsakiyah

Applications for Adhan Prayer Schedules and Imsakiyah

The sixth row is the Android call to prayer application by Kodelokus which has been used by more than 5 million people. This application made by an Indonesian developer provides information on prayer schedules along with the call to prayer alarm when prayer time arrives.

The prayer schedule info will adjust to the user’s location so that the call to prayer alarm will sound on time. In addition to these features, there is also a Qibla direction or qibla compass feature that you can use when you are in a foreign place.

Well, that was the best automatic prayer time reminder call to prayer application for Android smartphones that you can download for free on the Google Play Store.