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Survival Game, Undying Mobile Version will be Released Globally in 2022

The mobile version of the survival game, Undying has announced a global release in 2022 and an early access release with weekly content and gameplay updates. With a free Halloween update for last week, but also adding another update to the list this week. The public roadmap is shared with players worldwide with the latest and upcoming updates.

Delivers an emotional storyline

Undying tells the story of a mother who tries to train her son to survive when a zombie infection overtakes her. In their final days together, they must fight, search for supplies, and create tools to bring Cody safely to a new life. While building their final bond as mother and daughter.


Apart from the story of survival and unleashing Undying features a top-down view with a real-time day and night cycle, as well as a player-generated world map. The roguelike elements enhance replayability, and the superb soundtrack creates an immersive feel for the characters.

Based on feedback from the community, the game is beautifully designed in a low poly art style. The story continues while players can interact with dozens of NPCs. As the developer claims, they have a “solid plan” to keep the game on track.

Undying mobile version global release in 2022: Updates and roadmap

While smaller updates come every week like bug fixes, content adjustments, the Vanimals team will roll out bigger content updates with new features, content and so on. The new public roadmap for Early Access highlights the content, features, and more that will be coming to the game over the next few months leading up to the 1.0 launch.

The game is currently in Early Access for Steam and the Epic Games Store. The full launch version will be available on Nintendo Switch, XBOX and PlayStation, Android, and iOS in 2022.
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