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Puzzle & Dragons Holds Collaboration Event with Popular Series Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Puzzle & Dragons lets you become the hero you should be by defeating the lord of darkness during the collaboration with Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. This journey will last for two weeks with tons of prizes to be won. Throughout the event, players can collect Dragon Peak Medals, first-time net rewards, and many other goodies from limited-time event dungeons.

The gold Dragon Crest Medals you earn can be used to gather party members for quests from the Monster Exchange. Clearing the dungeon floors will earn you rewards per floor and a pull from The Adventure of Dai Memorial Egg Machine for clearing the entire dungeon. The event will also feature two special dungeons: Master Avan’s Special Hard Course! Dungeon, which will give players Insignia of Avan to complete and Valge Island All-out Battle! Dungeon, featuring floors filled with dangerous enemies like Hadlar.

Using The Adventure of Dai Memorial Egg Machine, players can add powerful warriors to their roster such as 8-star Dai, 8-star Baran, 7-star Popp, 7-star Maam, 6-star Crocodine, 6-star Zaboera, and many more. Players can also draw from 7 Magic Stones. The Adventure of Dai Orbs skin can be obtained when receiving Leona for the first time. These will decorate your ball with characters from the show like Dai, Popp, Maam, Leona, and Hyunckel.

Simply logging into Puzzle & Dragons will also give you free pulls on the limited event egg machine as well as Dai, Avan’s Disciple. To speed up progress through events, you can also purchase bundles.

One pull of The Adventure of Dai Egg Machine and 1 Magic Stone – $0.99 USD
One pull of The Adventure of Dai Egg Machine 7-8 stars and 20 Magic Stones – $19.99 USD
One pull from the Leona Egg Machine and 20 Magic Stones – $19.99 USD

Play Puzzle & Dragons now and join this exciting collaboration event until November 21st. For more information visit the official website here.