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Strategy RPG Chaos Faction: DAI Released Now on Android

Chaos Faction: DAI is a new strategy RPG that offers roguelike gameplay alongside various legendary heroes. It has been developed by 3456Play, a video game developer based in Asia.

Chaos Faction: DAI will allow players to fight their way through randomly generated levels. It promises an amazing fantasy adventure and exciting battles on different maps. Players can acquire rare weapons if they conquer powerful monsters.

Various legendary heroes such as Loki, Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, and Lü Bu are available for players to choose from from six different races. Each race has its weaknesses, and players will learn their exclusive formation strategy after selecting a hero.

Players will be able to summon their own dragons during battle, which will become an integral part of Final Strike. Castles can be built as well to earn gold and gems. Philosopher’s Stones can also be collected to upgrade various artifacts that will make players stronger.

5v5 combat is present in the game, where players can take their team to the arena and fight against others in their quest to be the best.

A special element called the Power of Contract can finally be unlocked, allowing the cultivation of some heroes to be applied to other heroes automatically without further consumption.

For your information, Chaos Faction: DAI is a visually appealing game loaded with various features, rewards and upgrades. It seems to be the kind of game that anyone who wants a non-stop action-packed experience will really enjoy.

Chaos Faction: DAI can be downloaded for Android via Google Play. For iOS users, so far there has been no news about the iOS version. Players who want to keep up with the latest updates can visit the game’s official website.