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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Stands at the Top of the American Box Office

The film Sonic The Hedgehog 2 officially took first place at the American Box Office in its first week. In fact, this film managed to pocket 71 million US dollars or around Rp. 1 trillion in just 7 days.

Yep, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was just released on April 3, 2022 yesterday. The launch of this film was immediately greeted with joy by the community movie geekwho has been waiting for a sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog (2022).

With an interesting storyline and captivating CGI effects, this film by Jeff Fowler has the right to occupy the first position at the American Box Office with income that is beyond expectations.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Takes First Place at the American Box Office

Launching from Variety, the action, comedy and adventure genre family film succeeded in shifting Morbius’ position from the top of the Box Office standings after getting a ‘cash’ of 71 US dollars for a week.

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This nick is certainly much bigger than what the previous film, Sonic The Hedgehog (2022) had received, where the film only earned US$58 million or equivalent to Rp. 833.6 billion in one week.

On the other hand, Morbius, who had reigned at the Box Office last week, had to drop to second place, with revenues of 10.2 million US dollars (Rp. 146.6 billion) during the period from April 4 to April 11, 2022.

Sonic 2 Box Office
Photo: Game Informer

Third, there is a film starring Sandra Bullock entitled The Lost City which grossed 9.2 million US dollars this weekend. The film tells the story of the adventures of the novelist in search of hidden treasures on an uninhabited island.

The next position is occupied by Ambulance with pocketing 8.7 million US dollars (Rp 125 billion) and The Batman who still survives in the Box Office standings with 6.5 million US dollars (Rp 93.4 billion), after six weeks in theaters. America.

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According to several film watchers, the achievements obtained by Sonic The Hedgehog 2 at the American Box Office will continue to increase, because this film was just released last week. So, let’s just wait for the next update, guys!