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MPL ID Season 9 Opens Again to the Public, Fans Praise Prokes!

MPL ID Season 9 Opens Again to the Public, Fans Praise Prokes!

Entering the last week, interestingly MPL ID Season 9 has officially reopened to the public for fans who want to watch their favorite team live at MPL Arena.

The reason is, for almost 4 seasons the event has been held online through Gaming House each team affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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With the return to be held offline and open to the public, this is certainly a thirst quencher for fans who have longed to see their favorite teams and players compete live.

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Organized With Strict Proces

Photo via MPL ID

To be able to watch MPL ID Season 9 live at MPL Arena, interestingly all ticket sales are done online through the Blibli platform.

In addition, you are also required to vaccinate at least 2 doses accompanied by negative antigen results.

This of course aims to protect various parties, both the fans present, the players and the crew on duty.

The Fans Are Very Enthusiastic

Photo via Natan (@ininathongg)

The presence of fans will certainly be a color for the MPL ID Season 9 event which is finally reopened to the public.

One of the fans present, Natan, expressed his feelings after being able to attend MPL ID again, which is open to the public.

“The feeling must be really happy, especially being able to meet pro players as well as being able to take photos together and support the team directly,” he said exclusively to SPIN Esports.

Apart from that, another fan, Hakim, also expressed the same thing, who took the time to support his favorite team directly at the MPL Arena.

“I’m really happy, of course, because we can get hype from each of the esports team supporters who are competing, it’s really exciting, for sure,” said the young man from Jakarta.

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Get Praise From Fans

Photo via Hakim (@haikimmm)

With the general opening of MPL ID Season 9, health protocols will certainly be in the spotlight so that the matches can be held smoothly.

Interestingly, the two fans compactly praised the implementation of very strict health protocols as an effort to protect various parties present at MPL Arena.

“The process here is very strict in accordance with the applicable regulations,” said the Judge.

In fact, he also witnessed firsthand the firm actions of the staff who directly rebuked the audience for forgetting to wear masks properly.

“I also saw that there were people who were reprimanded on the stage who forgot to put their masks on again after drinking and immediately a crew on duty came over to tell them to put their masks back on,” he added.

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