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Not Beatrix, This is the Best Selling Hero in the Regular Round of MPL ID Season 9!

Not Beatrix, This is the Best Selling Hero in the Regular Round of MPL ID Season 9!

Beatrix is ​​indeed one of the most popular heroes in MPL ID Season 9, especially for one of RRQ Hoshi’s players, Skylar.

But actually Skylar is not the only one who uses this hero because there are Nino, Kabuki and several other players who also use it.

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Seen often present in every game in MPL ID Season 9 and rarely get a ban, it turns out that Beatrix is ​​not the best-selling hero in the regular round of MPL ID Season 9, but it is this hero who gets first place.

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The Most Selling Hero MPL ID Season 9

Yve Best Selling Hero
source: Mobile Legends

According to the statistics provided by MPL Indonesia through Mobile Legends, the best-selling hero for the regular season round is Yve.

Hero Mage Highground which is still a mainstay. Even though he often gets tires, now the Mage hero is often released to become a first pick or second pick.

Indeed, it is only compared to one game with Beatrix who was picked 70 times. The difference is that Beatrix’s tire rate is lower so the possibility to use it is higher, but it turns out that Yve is still far superior.

Among the many heroes, Yve is indeed superior for territory and annoying slow effects.

Coupled with the meta Tank, hit heroes are used more often so Yve is very good at reducing the barbarity of these heroes with his Real World Manipulation.

It’s really okay to use it as a reference for playing rank later, you can pick the heroes with the highest picks such as Yve, Beatrix, Esmeralda, Paquito and Chou.

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