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Regular Round is Over, This is the Most Kill MPL ID Season 9!

Regular Round is Over, This is the Most Kill MPL ID Season 9!

Indeed, kill is not everything in Mobile Legends matches, but of course with enough kills it can be quite in line with the objectives that can be obtained.

Many kills also indicate that the player is an aggressive player and is able to secure kill against his opponent.

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Especially for junglers, because lots of kills can make the player snowball and get a lot of profits so that his team can smoothly get a win.

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The regular season round has ended and here are the players who got the most kills in MPL ID Season 9.

RRQ Alberttt – 167

Most Kill RRQ Albertt
source: MPL ID

First there is Alberttt with a total of 167 kills. Often the focus of attacks from RRQ Hoshi even though he didn’t play once against ONIC. Alberttt proved himself to be the sharpest jungler in MPL ID Season 9 this time.

AURA Kabuki – 146

source: MPL ID

Not High but Kabuki who is often spoiled by AURA Fire, as a Goldlaner Kabuki looks more aggressive and often gets kills for his team.

EVOS Ferxiic – 143

Most Kill EVOS Ferxiic
source: MPL ID

Ferxiic is indeed the focus of EVOS and is irreplaceable throughout the regular season. Ferxiic has proven that he is able to compete with other junglers and looks fierce like his debut in season 7 when EVOS Legends won the title.

AE Celiboy – 129

source: MPL ID

Celiboy did not play at the beginning of the season to be replaced by Amyy, but after several points were obtained he was irreplaceable and became the focus of attack from AE so it is not surprising that the kill of this one player could overtake several other players.

AE Nino – 125

source: MPL ID

Irreplaceable with Pai in sidelane Alter Ego made Nino enter the top 5 for most kills. Often becomes AE’s focus when Celiboy or Amyy is depressed. His kill points are not enough because he often plays objectively with his Beatrix.

Those are the 5 players who got the most kills in MPL ID Season 9. Is your favorite player on this list?

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