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Nexo and MasterCard Release Credit Cards That Support Crypto Money

Nexo and MasterCard teamed up to deliver the world’s first credit card integrated with cryptocurrency. Reportedly, this credit card has a number of advantages that can be felt by its users.

Quoted from Coinmarketcap, Nexo is a platform that is able to provide blockchain-based instant money loans and supports cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, MasterCard is a company from the United States that is engaged in credit card issuance services. Now, the two parties are officially collaborating in presenting the latest innovations in the field of crypto and credit cards.

Nexo and MasterCard Cooperate to Launch Crypto-Based Credit Card

According to reports from Cointelegrapha crypto-based credit card called the Nexo Card can allow users to get bitcoin (BTC) collateralized loans as collateral without having to sell them.

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For now, Nexo Card is only available in certain countries, such as Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and others. In the future, the company will release its credit cards in other countries so that the service can be used by everyone equally.

Oh yes, Nexo and MasterCard have also collaborated with an e-wallet service called DiPocket, to launch this latest innovation.

“The launch of the Nexo Card in Europe in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket is a major milestone for us and the latest testament to the immense synergy between existing financial networks and digital assets. This unique product will enable millions of people, first in Europe and then around the world, to spend money instantly without having to unleash the potential of their cryptocurrency, offering unprecedented everyday utility for an emerging asset class.” said Antoni Trenchev, Managing Partner for Nexo.

Nexo Mastercard Crypto
Photo: Nexo

On the other hand, Fedele di Maggio as the co-founder and CEO of DiPocket said that this collaboration is an innovative solution in meeting investors for digital assets.

“DiPocket is delighted to have been selected as the issuer of the Nexo Card, a truly innovative solution designed to meet the needs of millions of investors for digital assets. Our partnership on this project with Nexo and Mastercard is a typical example of how DiPocket’s embedded financial technology enables visionary companies to deliver value and convenience to their customers.” explained in maggio.

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The benefits that can be obtained by Nexo Card users are no minimum monthly fee, get 2% cashback in crypto for each transaction, use crypto as collateral, and this card is available in virtual and physical form.