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NFT Agus BM Everyday Viral, Let's Take a Peek at the Collection!

The NFT titled Agus BM Everyday is currently going viral in cyberspace, after the creator sold some screenshots of his annoying coworker. There’s nothing, guys! Ha ha ha.

In the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) everyone is free to sell anything digital. Usually, a creator creates an interesting design or artwork to sell to NFT collectors.

However, a man from Indonesia named Oji actually sells screenshots of his friend’s chat who is always willing or is also known as BM. Unexpectedly, the collection actually sold well in the OpenSea marketplace.

NFT Agus BM Everyday suddenly went viral because it was considered unique

From the information explained by the Oji_GDGedeg account, the main reason why he sold the chat screenshots from his friend was because he wanted to be used as money, rather than just being a useless complaint.

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“A collection of screenshots of bin BM’s weird and annoying chats from my Art Director. Instead of just being a complaint, it’s better to make money,” wrote Oji_GDGedeg.

For the price, Oji charges 0.0016 ETH (Rp. 71 thousand) to 0.02 ETH (Rp. 890 thousand). Until this article was published, almost all of Oji’s NFT collections were sold out.

In total, there are 50 NFT collections that Oji has marketed on OpenSea with a variety of screenshots containing chat useless between Oji and his co-worker who is the Art Director.

Agus BM Everyday
Photo: OpenSea/Agus BM Everyday

Yes, the screenshot has not been proven to be authentic, but many netizens appreciate what Oji has done, because it has entertained them.

Before Oji, the same thing was done by a man from Semarang by the name of Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, or better known as Ghozali Everyday.

At that time, Ghozali was desperate to sell NFT in the form of his own selfie. Initially, the NFT was priced at 0.001 ETH or around Rp. 45 thousand. But now, Ghozali’s selfie is already there which is valued at up to 11 ETH or equivalent to Rp. 47 billion.

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It is not impossible, NFT Agus BM Everyday will follow in the footsteps of Ghozali Everyday who became an impromptu billionaire just by selling NFT in the form of screenshots.