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Newest ML Redeem Code 13 April 2022, MPL ID Season 9 Special!

Newest ML Redeem Code 13 April 2022, MPL ID Season 9 Special!

MPL ID Season 9, apart from providing interesting shows, also provides many redeem codes that you can claim.

But of course you have to move quickly in order to claim this redeem code.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

This redeem code is specially present at the MPL ID Season 9. So, hurry up and claim it if you want to get the prize. If you miss it or can’t, it means it’s been forfeited, Spinners.

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ML Redeem Code April 13

  • PKENE6UN579KE22AH6
  • P78XEQ7SF95622AH6
  • N33JK4EUYND622AH6
  • PYW9B8377CJ9T22AH6

There are many newest redeem codes that you can try, Spinners. And once again we remind you that this redeem code is limited so you have to move fast to get it.

How to Redeem

Redeem ML

To redeem, this is a complete and easy procedure that you can immediately use to exchange it:

  • Visit the official redeem website from Mobile Legends by clicking the link below:
  • Fill in the redeem code that has been obtained and your Mobile Legends ID to later get a number verification message in the in-game mail
  • Enter the verification code into the Code Verification tab
  • Click Redeem

With a variety of attractive prizes that you can get, of course, don’t miss out on exchanging the code, Spinners!

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