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Not Played in Regular Season, Here's ONIC Vior's Message To Its Fans!

Not Played in Regular Season, Here’s ONIC Vior’s Message To Its Fans!

After rolling for 8 weeks, finally the regular season round of MPL ID Season 9 has officially ended and will continue to the Playoff round.

Interestingly, this season almost every team has played their entire roster with ONIC Esports being the only team that hasn’t done so.

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The reason is, the team with the yellow hedgehog logo did not play a roster that they had registered, namely Viorenita “Vior” Sutanto.

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ONIC Vior gives a special message to fans

Photo via IG ONIC Vior

The presence of ONIC Vior at the MPL ID Season 9 event certainly provides a surprise as well as its own color in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

She herself became the second female player to be included in the squad that competed in an event as big as MPL ID after previously Listy Chan with EVOS Legends in MPL ID Season 3.

As if following in Listy Chan’s footsteps, Vior himself hasn’t even got minutes to play even when ONIC Esports is confirmed to have secured the upper bracket slot.

Until finally, he himself gave a message to fans who had been waiting for him to compete in MPL ID Season 9.

“For the little Vior don’t be disappointed, the Sonic too. Don’t cry for my fans, I know you will be disappointed,” said Vior while attending the MPL ID Season 9 media interview.

Had Wanted to Play

Photo via: Instagram Mars.fakhre

ONIC Vior itself actually had the opportunity to appear in the last match of ONIC Esports against Alter Ego, but what was expected did not go according to their plans,

This was explained directly by Marsam “Mars” Fakhre as the coach of the team,

“Actually there was a desire to play Vior, but Alter Ego fielded their full team so we also respect it” said Mars.

This is because Alter Ego is still lowering its main squad when playing a match that is not too decisive.