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MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 2 Results, RRQ, AURA and EVOS Win?

MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 2 Results, RRQ, AURA and EVOS Win?

There are three matches presented today, namely Geek Vs RRQ, AURA Vs BTR and EVOS Vs RBL, will the RRQ, AURA and EVOS teams win today?

For those who missed the match, here is the summary of the results of MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 2.

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Geek Fam vs RRQ Hoshi

The new patch makes RRQ rack their brains and use new heroes. Baxia jungler was used by Alberttt in the first game and was successful. Even R7 uses Grock as an Explaner with the Assassin emblem. Even so, they managed to get points.

Again, Baxia jungler is an option, but it is interesting to see that there is a second retribution used by VYN who uses Masha. Even so, RRQ can still be ahead of the Geek Fam team and take home full points.

AURA Fire vs Bigetron Alpha

source: YT MLBB

The new hero that AURA brings is Grock Explaner like the previous RRQ match and was quite successful. Even though Godiva’s Cecilion was restrained by Bottle Kadita, he succeeded in sneaky kill assisted by Fluffy and made AURA get the first point.

Then there was the Baxia jungler which was used by High and the result with an aggressive game was able to bring the AURA team to a quick 2-0 win.

The next results will be updated, Spinners.

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