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MLBB's Official Hero Difficulty Levels, Who's the Hardest?

MLBB’s Official Hero Difficulty Levels, Who’s the Hardest?

You must know that all heroes have their own level of difficulty, which is usually judged by the skills they have.

Maybe every player has a different ability to judge this because not all players have the same ability. Some are strong in Tank heroes, some are strong in Assassin heroes and so on.

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Even so, you can see a row of difficulty levels from the official Mobile Legends hero from Moonton. Of course there are various considerations why certain heroes are considered easy by Moonton and vice versa. Who do you think is the hardest according to Moonton?

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MLBB Hero Difficulty Level

MLBB Hero Difficulty Level
source: ig @expert_leonin

You can see for yourself, this is the complete list of hero difficulty levels in MLBB according to Moonton. Where there is only one hardest hero according to Moonton, namely Fanny.

A little explanation from SPIN Esports regarding the existing list so that it is easier for you to read it.

Difficulty 1

Photo via Mocah Wallpaper

There are 22 heroes that are included very easily by Moonton. They are Cecilion, Silvanna, Badang, Belerick, Vale, Chang’e, Hanabi, Angela, Gatotkaca, Estes, Alpha, Sun, Layla, Zilong, Eudora, Rafaela, Franco, Tigreal, Nana, Saber, Balmond, Miya.

According to Moonton, a row of heroes is easy to master and doesn’t need high mechanics, although some heroes, such as Franco, need more mastery for his Hook according to SPIN Esports. But that’s the list from Moonton.

Difficulty 2

There are 13 heroes in this list. Because there is Kupa who is a partner of Popol where they are the same hero. It’s also unique to see Kupa in a different picture.

Floryn, Phoveus, Gloo, Popol & Kupa, Atlas, Baxia, Terizla, Pharsa, Lancelot, Odette, Harley, Bane, and Karina are the heroes in the second list.

You could say this hero is still easy to master. It might be a bit confusing to see Lancelot on this list but again this is according to Moonton, and indeed after the revamp there are more Lancelot users because of the ease of doing skill 1.

Difficulty 3

There are 13 heroes, namely Natan, Barats, Dyrroth, Granger, Minsitthar, Helcurt, Hylos, Roger, Lapu-Lapu, Hayabusa, Bruno, Akai and Alucard.

It might be interesting to see Hayabusa on this list as an Assassin who is quite easy to use with Helcurt. For Helcurt, it might not be too difficult for the mechanics if Hayabusa needs enough mechanics according to SPIN Esports.

Difficulty 4

There are 19 heroes in the 4th list, namely Edith, Aulus, Beatrix, Brody, Khaleed, Carmilla, X Borg, Guinevere, Thamuz, Uranus, Valir, Jawhead, Lesley, Diggie, Karrie, Aurora, Hilda, Johnson and Ruby.

Looking at this list, it seems that SPIN Esports understands where Moonton is going in making this list.

It’s not only difficult mechanically but optimally using skills because most of these are situational heroes which if misused can be fatal. Call it Aulus which is skillfully quite easy because of the use of basic attacks and skills, but it is difficult to play Aulus well if you don’t know how to use good skills.

Difficulty 5

There are 12 heroes this time in list number 5. They are Paquito, Yve, Luo Yi, Khufra, Aldous, Martis, Argus, Irithel, Vexana, Moskov, Chou and Lolita.

Maybe on this list you see a lot of hero moments, which if you miss it will be fatal, such as Paquito when he uses his passive wrong. Neither did Luo Yi when the combo didn’t work. Then there is Khufra who can create a moment when his 1st and Ultimate skills are right on target.

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Difficulty 6

Entering half the difficulty, you could say that on this list the heroes are quite difficult. And according to Moonton there are quite a number of heroes on this list, namely 18, they are Xavier, Melissa, Benedetta, Yu Zhong, Wanwan, Masha, Kadita, Leomord, Kaja, Gusion, Zhask, Grock, Cyclops, YSS, Gord, Freya, Minotaur, Clint.

Still the same according to SPIN Esports, this line of heroes has a moment to make, but is mechanically higher than the previous level. For example, Kadita who needs petrify in order to make play use her Ultimate.

Difficulty 7

There are only 11 heroes on this list, and mechanically it looks quite difficult. They are Julian (new hero), Yin, Mathilda, Lylia, Ling, Esmeralda, Hanzo, Claude, Selena, Kagura and Natalia.

There are not many comments that can be given because some heroes are quite difficult to play like Ling and Kagura.

Difficulty 8

Entering high tiers, where there are only 4 heroes according to Moonton. The four heroes are Valentina, Aamon, Faramis and Harith.

The heroes according to SPIN Esports are also difficult except for Faramis, who might be difficult to maximize if he doesn’t know his passive, and maybe the timing of the use of Ultimate must be right. Just like Valentina who can be deadly when she understands many heroes and can maximize Ultimate for all conditions.

Difficulty 9

Condense to just 3 heroes, namely Kimmy, Alice and Lunox. Kimmy is a bit difficult to direct her skills even though it has now been made easier. Alice may be because it is difficult to collect stacks and kiting during war which must be right. And Lunox which is really difficult for Brilliance Order and Chaos Assault combos.

Difficulty 10

Fanny mobile legends
Photo via Peakpx

It has been previously mentioned that there is only Fanny as the hardest hero and maybe all Mobile Legends players agree because to use Fanny other than fast hands, you must know the location of the wall so you can make sure the cable is right and doesn’t miss. Because if you miss, it’s easy to pick-off.

If you are curious to see a glimpse of Moonton’s assessment, maybe you can see the advanced server, roughly the picture is like this.

source: ig @expert_leonin

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