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Free! This Is How To Get Epic Lancelot Skin Very Easily!

Free! This Is How To Get Epic Lancelot Skin Very Easily!

Epic Skin is certainly one of the skins coveted by Mobile Legends game players everywhere.

The reason is, the skin does offer different qualities and effects from other skins in the game.

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Interestingly, now you can get Lancelot’s Epic skin “Floral Knight” for free just by doing this.

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Just Guess the MDL Champion & MVP

To be able to get Lancelot’s Epic skin for free, you yourself only need to guess which team will be the champion of MDL ID Season 5 as well as the player who won the MVP title in the final match.

However, of course there are requirements that you need to do before guessing the potential winners and MVP MDL ID Season 5.

Therefore, here is the complete procedure so that you can take part in the contest that is being held by MDL Indonesia.

  1. Must answer these 2 predictions correctly
  2. Must follow @mdl.indonesia
  3. tag 3 of your friends

Later there will be 5 lucky winners selected to get Lancelot’s cool epic skin.

The announcement itself will be announced in the near future after the MDL ID Season 5 grand final match.

Seeing the requirements to get Lancelot’s epic skin for free which is quite easy, of course there is no reason not to take part in the contest, Spinners!

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