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List of Most Feared Heroes Throughout the MPL ID S9 Regular Season!

List of Most Feared Heroes Throughout the MPL ID S9 Regular Season!

Not only hero picks but hero bans are also important because in addition to deny picks against opponents, usually heroes who are in OP will get a ban.

You could say that the heroes who were banned were the heroes that were feared by the opponent and could make the team less than optimal because the heroes were banned.

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And here are the most feared Mobile Legends heroes throughout the regular season round of MPL ID Season 9.

Valentina – 93.02%

Valentina ML
source: YT MLBB

First there is Valentina who is really strong as a new hero. His ability to copy the opponent’s Ultimate is very annoying and makes draft pick difficult, no wonder this hero often gets tires.

When it was released, it was very difficult, one of which was when RRQ met EVOS in the El Clasico match leg 2 where Valentina Wannn was able to mess up RRQ Hoshi’s defense.

Fanny – 70.54%

Fanny mobile legends
Photo via Peakpx

Second, there is Fanny the Assassin hero who recently got the spotlight. The buffed energy makes him a favorite as an Assassin jungler besides Lancelot and Ling.

Even though the bad news is in the new April 2022 patch, this hero gets a pretty big nerf.

Lancelot – 45.74%

Mobile legends strongest hero
Photo via IG Hensen FM

Almost half the game comes without Lancelot. This hero is indeed a comfortable hero for MPL players such as Alberttt and Ferxiic. Both of them can almost certainly win when using this hero (Alberttt 100% winrate), Ferxiic is still unlucky because he lost in game 3 El Clasico leg 2.

But still, this hero can be called a ban hero or pick, when not banned, the possibility of being picked is very high because this Assassin is proven to be still strong.

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Selena – 42.64%

New Selena Skin MLBB
source: Pinterest

Selena’s roam craze has him back on the tire list. Although not as much as before where he always almost got the tires. However, for certain teams, this hero is included in the mandatory list to be banned.

Yve and Cecilion – 37.21%

Yve x Cecilion

Two popular Highground heroes in the current meta. Although Yve is mostly picked, in terms of tires, the two are equal.

This makes sense because Yve doesn’t depend on the late game while Cecilion has to wait for the late game to get his potential. But for annoying business both are equally feared for the current meta.

Those are the most feared heroes in the regular round of MPL ID Season 9. Will these heroes still be a priority in the playoffs to be banned?

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