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JKT48 Ready to Launch NFT, Wota Must Have!

JKT48 is reportedly ready to launch its first NFT collection, with various benefits that will be obtained by the owners. Wow, this is a must have!

JKT48 itself is an idol group from Indonesia that still has a relationship with 48Group, and partners with PT Dentsu Inter Admark Media Group Indonesia.

Now, the idol group, which is all female members, wants to make a new innovation by presenting a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which is dedicated to its fans, often called Wota.

Get Ready, Idol Group JKT48 Will Release NFT in the near future!

In working on this latest innovation, JKT48 is collaborating with Goplay, through its newest program, entitled Stickerverse.

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As previously explained, this digital token has various advantages for its fans, both financial and non-financial. To attract Wota, JKT48 will provide non-financial benefits.

“(For example) I (collector) can be called by a member of JKT48,” said Calvin Kizana, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in an online discussion made by Indo NFT Festiverse, quoted from coil.

In addition, fans will get the privilege of special access to attend JKT48 performances which can only be watched by NFT JKT48 owners. As a result, fans who do not have NFT will not be allowed in to watch the ongoing show.

Photo: Urbanasia

“If they later make special shows, only those who have NFT can enter. So, we will announce it soon,” explained Calvin.

Apart from JKT48, there are other artists or musicians that Goplay will work with through the Stickerverse program. However, Goplay has not announced the artists in question.

The purpose of the Stickerverse program is to bridge content creators on Goplay to enter the NFT world, which is currently being pursued by many people.

“So that those who previously made quite a lot of revenue on Goplay from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, with this NFT, we hope that their revenue can be even more,” he explained.

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It is not known for sure when NFT JKT48 will be released, because Calvin Kizana and Goplay are still keeping it a secret. So, let’s just wait for further news, guys.