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How to Register for Telkomsel 11GB Quota Package for only 26 thousand!

Telkomsel 11GB Quota Package for only 26 thousand

Hello BugisTekno friends, this time the admin will share a review on how to register for a Telkomsel 11GB internet quota package for only 26 thousand which is included in the cheap package category.

Yep, we know that in general Telkomsel operators are known for their package prices which are quite expensive. However, it all paid off with the quality of Telkomsel’s internet network which is better than the others.

Discussing this, actually this Telkomsel internet package can be obtained at an affordable price. As long as you are also observant enough in choosing the various packages available.

For example, for the Telkomsel 11GB package at a price of 26 thousand. Although, there is a division in terms of the type of quota, if that is not a problem because the distribution is only on the quota side for application users.

So, in this package, the distribution is 6GB for National, meaning you can use it to cover the entire territory of Indonesia. Then, the remaining 5GB is for applications including YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp and others. If this has now become a daily necessity.

How to Register for Telkomsel 11GB Package for only 26 thousand

In addition to a fairly large number of quotas, this package also has an active period of 30 days so it saves your budget for internet needs.

Well, for those of you who are interested and immediately want to register for the cheap package. Just take a look at the following explanation of how:

  1. Please do dial *363#
  2. Once open, several package options will appear.
  3. In that option, please select a package 11GB/Rp26k.
  4. Next, please confirm the purchase of the package by replying to the number 1. Buy.
  5. Wait a while the system will process and automatically deduct your credit amounting to 26 thousand.
  6. If you have, then you will receive a notification via SMS if your package is already active.
  7. Done.
How to Register for Telkomsel 11GB Package for only 26 thousand

That way, you have successfully registered for a Telkomsel cheap quota package. In addition to the methods above, you can also register for the package through the MyTelkomsel application.

If on the *363# menu there is no package menu. It means that your card is not included in the category of cheap Telkomsel package. If you want to get a cheap package, make sure your Telkomsel card is old enough.

Maybe that was the admin review this time about how to register for a cheap 11GB Telkomsel package for only 26 thousand. May be useful.