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2 Easy Ways to Transfer Credit to the Newest XL 2022

How to Transfer Credit to Fellow XL

Credit transfer service is nothing new for every cellular operator, including XL. XL, which is an old player in the telecommunications world, also provides a similar service with the term “Share Credit”.

This service is provided with the aim of making it easier for XL customers to share credit with those in need. For example, in an urgent situation, someone wants to call to deliver a message, but does not have credit, then this service can be an alternative.

To use the service for XL credit is actually quite easy, but unfortunately not all users know how. Don’t worry, for those of you who want to know how to transfer XL credit, see BugisTekno’s review below.

How to Transfer Credit to Fellow XL

There are various ways that you can take to be able to transfer credit to fellow XL customers. Of the various ways, the admin deliberately provides two ways that are the easiest and simplest for you to do. As for sending XL credit via SMS and via USSD.

1. Via SMS

  • Type SMS with the format FOR (space) Destination number (space) Credit Amount.
  • Send SMS to 168.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • Reply to the SMS with Ythen the credit transfer request will be processed and wait for the notification that the credit transfer was successful.

Example: FOR 10000 send to 081912345678

2. Via USSD

  • On the call menu type *123# then press Call/Yes.
  • Then select mPulsethen continue by selecting for pulse.
  • Next enter Destination number which will be sent pulses.
  • Then determine Credit Amount which you will transfer.
  • If so, just click the button Send.

XL Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

You need to know that in order to send credit to fellow XL users, there are several conditions that you must fulfill. Here are some of the conditions:

  • The credit sender has at least IDR 5000 remaining balance after making a transaction. Otherwise, the credit sharing transaction will fail.
  • Every time you transfer credit, the recipient will be charged a fee per transaction of Rp. 500, which is deducted from the nominal credit sent by the sender. For example, transferring Rp. 10,000 credits, means that the incoming credit is only Rp. 9,500.
  • Credit transfers can only be done five times a day. Therefore, you must pay close attention before transferring credit, to avoid credit transfer nominal errors that make you have to make transactions repeatedly.

Make it easy, transfer credit to other XL. That way you can send XL credits to your friends, relatives, or family who need it.

So, that was how to easily transfer credit to fellow XL users along with the terms and conditions. May be useful.