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How to Overcome the YouTube Application Cannot be Update

How to Overcome the YouTube Application Cannot be Update

YouTube is the most popular video service site in the world, because on YouTube we can watch various types of videos. Starting from tv show videos, song video clips, cartoon videos, comedy videos, and much more.

Moreover, YouTube is not only accessible from the website. YouTube also provides a special application for Android. This makes it easier for us to watch videos on YouTube.

But, just like any other app. The YouTube app on Android can also sometimes experience errors. One of them is not being able to update. If you are experiencing this problem, then you are reading the right article.

Because on this occasion I will explain how to handle the YouTube application that cannot be updated.

How to Overcome the YouTube Application Cannot be Update

Indeed, even if we don’t update, we can still use the YouTube application. However, there are times when the YouTube application cannot be used anymore and requires us to update the application.

So, if you can no longer use the YouTube application because it has to be updated, but when the update process on the Play Store always fails, then you can fix it by downloading the raw YouTube APK file on other application provider sites.

One of the best websites for providing raw APK files is Well, here I explain the steps to download the YouTube APK file:

  • Open the Browser application on your cellphone, then type the URL
  • Once open, click the icon Search at the top right. Then type the name of the application, it means you write YouTube.
  • After the YouTube application is found, just select the application, then click the button Download APK.
  • Wait a while the download process is complete. Then install the application.
  • Done, now you try to open the YouTube application on your cellphone. Then the YouTube application has been updated and you can use it again.

Make it easy, so if you are having problems installing applications or updating applications that often fail, then you can take advantage of the raw APK file provider website to update the application.

Well, that was a review on how to solve the YouTube application not being updated on an Android phone. May be useful.