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Tips on how to get a lot of gold in the Arcane Legends game

How to get a lot of gold in the Arcane Legends game

For those of you fans of RPG games, you must be familiar with this one game. Yep, Arcane Legends is one of the most popular MMORPG games. The reason is, in this game you can play with friends or with other players online.

In terms of features, of course, this game is unmatched, because you can transact buying and selling items or goods in the game, in the sense that this game has a trade feature. That’s the reason why this game has many fans, because many players play this game as a source of income.

We can sell items or in-game currency for real money. Therefore, we need to know how to get a lot of gold arcane legends so that we can sell them later. Well, if you just want to play or have trouble finding gold, don’t worry because here I will tell you the tips.

Tips on how to get a lot of gold in the Arcane Legends game

1. Raise the Highest Character Level

Raise Character Level

If you are a new player playing with the aim of making money, it is very unfortunate. Because to be able to get a lot of gold, you have to level up first until you reach the highest level.

The reason is because the map that provides a lot of gold cannot be entered if you do not meet the level requirements. So, if you are a beginner, you have to farm or look for exp first. Carry out every quest that exists every day.

Even so, I think it’s quite difficult because if I’m not mistaken the current highest level of the character is level 76. Then, to raise just 1 level it takes a long time.

So, my advice if you are new to this game, it’s a good idea to buy a character that has reached the max level. Many in this game’s community group on facebook are selling characters. You can buy it there so you don’t waste your time just to level up.

2. Have Item Stat (Gold Loot) and Luck

Have Gold Loot Items

In this Arcane Legends game there is a stat-boosting feature for each item in the form of weapons, armor, necklaces and others. The stats you need to be able to farm large amounts of gold are GL (Gold Loot) and Luck.

For this Gold Loot stat, it can help you increase the percentage of the amount of gold that will come out when you kill the boss. So, the greater the percentage of your Gold Loot, the more gold you can get.

Then for the Luck stat, this can increase your luck. That is, you can get good items when you kill the boss. For this Luck stat, it is very good for you to use it for events that take place, so there is a great chance that you can get good items from the event.

3. Following the Event

Join the Arcane Legends Event

The Arcane Legends game also always holds events that allow its players to get good and rare items. This event usually takes place at special times such as, valentine, christmas, winter and others.

By participating in the ongoing event, you can get various valuable and expensive items that you can later sell on the market. In addition, at each event you can also compete with other players competing to collect points to occupy the top position on the leaderboard.

Of course, when you make it to the top leaderboard, you will get very expensive rare gifts such as limited items, meaning that only a few have these items.

4. Become a Merchant

Become a Merchant

We know that this Arcane Legends game has a trade feature that we can use to trade buying and selling directly with other players. We can use this feature to become a merchant.

This means that you will play buying and selling by buying goods at a sloping price and then selling them at a slightly higher price. The difference from that price is your profit.

To become a merchant, of course, you have to be consistent and patient. Never be influenced by people who want to offer your selling items. Also you have to be smart and know very well the price of each item, so you can avoid people who cheat on the price.

In addition, try to sell only useful items, such as weapons with gold loot or luck status. Because items with these stats will never die.

Well, those were some tips on how to get a lot of gold in the Arcane Legends game which you can later sell for real money. Hopefully this information can help you, thank you so much.