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How to Overcome HP's Water Entry So it doesn't turn off Total

How to Overcome HP ingress of Water

Often the case of a smartphone falling into the water leads to a total death of the cellphone due to incorrect handling. Indeed, water is a frightening specter for electronic goods because it can damage them instantly.

But, maybe you can still save your cellphone that was hit by water if you do the right handling. Like don’t turn it on right away, don’t move too much, and so on.

Although now many smartphones are water resistant. However, if you don’t have one like that, don’t let your smartphone get wet.

But if your cellphone gets into the water accidentally, maybe you can do the following ways to save your cellphone.

How to Overcome HP’s Water Entry So it doesn’t turn off Total

  • Immediately turn off your HP. This is so that the flow of electric current stops and there is no short circuit on your HP particles.
  • Immediately remove the battery, remove the SIM card and also the Memory Card on your cellphone.
  • Open the cellphone case if possible, then blow as hard as you can into the deepest part of your cellphone.
  • Provide a bowl of rice then insert your cellphone into the rice, then let it rest for about 20-30 minutes. Maybe a question arises in your mind, why rice? Based on the references I read, rice is able to absorb water quickly to the deepest part.
  • Never try to dry your cellphone in the sun, because it will only exacerbate the damage to certain components on your cellphone.
  • Take your cellphone that has been left in a bowl of rice, then wipe or wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Make sure your cellphone is completely dry, then put the casing and battery back in and try to activate your cellphone.

Done, hopefully with these tips your cellphone that is submerged in water is safe and doesn’t die completely. The most important thing is that you act quickly by starting to turn off your cellphone so that a short circuit does not occur.

So, those were some tips and how to deal with a cellphone that got water in it so that it doesn’t die completely. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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