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Easy Ways to Take Long Screenshots on All Android Phones

How to take long screenshots on Android phones

Screenshots or screenshots must be familiar among mobile phone users. Screenshot is one of the important features needed by mobile phone users that is useful for saving image files in the form of messages, photos or web pages that are needed to be saved without having to download them.

Until now, there are still many people who don’t know how to take a full page image on their smartphone screen. Because some smartphones still use the usual screenshot feature, which can’t take a full or long screen.

This ordinary screenshot feature is only capable of capturing and taking pictures that are currently visible on the screen, and cannot take one long screenshot of a file because you need to scroll or swipe it first.

On some Android devices, there are actually those that already have a feature to take long screenshots. One of them is a smartphone (Realme 2) which the admin used to practice how to take screenshots using the long screenshot feature.

But don’t worry, if your cellphone doesn’t have a long screenshot feature, here the admin will tell you how so that whatever brand or type of your Android cellphone, you can also do long screenshots.

How to Take a Long Screenshot on an Android Phone

So, here’s how to use the long screenshot feature on an Android phone:

  • Turn on your Android phone, then specify the content or display on the screen that you want to screenshot.
  • After that touch the screen using three fingers simultaneously vertically from top to bottom or press the button power and volume down simultaneously.
  • When the tab appears after the screenshot, press the screenshot and select long screenshot.
  • After that, scroll screen to the very bottom.
  • Done, then the long screenshot will be automatically saved in your gallery.

Well, if you have tried the above method, but the brand or type of smartphone you are using does not support the long screenshot feature. Then you can do this by using the help of third-party applications that have a long screenshot feature.

Here are some recommended applications that you can download for free on the Play Store that can help you take long screenshots.

Long Screenshot Application for Android Phone

1. LongShot

LongShot App

LongShot is an application designed to capture long screens whether it’s a conversation in a chat, a web page, a post, etc. This app lets you easily capture long screens in one tap.

Combine multiple screenshots/images into pixel perfect, or capture web page screens directly. Plus some editing features for screenshots.

2. ScreenMaster

Screen Master App

ScreenMaster is also one of the best long screenshot apps on Playstore. This app is a smart assistant screenshot. Screen capture and photo annotation features do not require root access, very easy to use.

With Screen Master, you can easily capture the screen on your tablet, phone or other Android device by clicking the floating button or by shaking your smartphone device.

In addition, this Screen Master application also provides various annotation functions. Such as cutting, adding text, mosaic, drawing arrows, wireframes and so on.

It’s very easy to edit and tag your screenshots and quickly share them with your friends with high-quality screenshots and in PNG format.

Well, that was how to use the default long screenshot feature from an Android phone and a selection of screenshot applications that you can download if there is no long screenshot feature on your smartphone. Hopefully it’s useful. Thank you :).