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How to Get the Latest Guinevere Custom Action Emote, Really Easy!

How to Get the Latest Guinevere Custom Action Emote, Really Easy!

Custom Action Emote is a feature where the hero will perform taunting only owned by the hero exclusively.

Where this Custom Action Emote will be different for each hero, so far only a few heroes have this one emote. And the way to get it is also different, some are from events and others.

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Well, talking about this one emote, there is one custom action emote that you can have right now, which is Guinevere.

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Guinevere himself is a Fighter hero who was recently buffed so that his passive becomes easier to activate when using Ultimate.

And this hero will also soon get a cool Legend skin. To complete the collection, it’s really possible to have a special emote.

Custom Action Emote Guinevere

There is currently a recharge event going on where when you recharge a certain nominal you can get prizes.

And for a nominal 250 diamond, which takes place from today 12 April 2022 to 16 April 2022, you can get a Guinevere custom emote as a gift.

Guinevere Emotes
source: Mobile Legends

In full, here are the steps to get the Guinevere MLBB emote:

  • Mobile Legends Login
  • Enter the Events menu
  • Open the Event Recharge Tab
  • Top-up at least 250 diamonds
  • Claim Guinevere’s custom emote and other prizes
  • You can use this emote in the Preparation menu
  • Done

It’s easy, Spinners, and you can instantly taunting using this new emote when you use Guienevere, I’m sure the enemy will be horrified to see your taunting because of course it’s not just a recall with a sticker, but it’s directly done by the hero you are playing.

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