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Here's How To Get Raz Saitama Cosplay For Free

Arena of Valor Garena celebrates its fifth anniversary, and the developers added one of the strongest anime characters to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

Arena of Valor has teamed up with the anime series “One Punch Man” for a special collaboration featuring its protagonist, Saitama. This is the game’s third anime collaboration after Sword Art Online and Bleach.

Arena of Valor collaboration with One Punch Man presents their main skin, Raz Saitama Cosplay. There is something special about this skin, you can get this Raz Saitama for free.

Like taking a reference to the anime where Saitama becomes strong after doing a long training, to get this Raz Saitama Cosplay you also have to help Raz train.

You have to complete daily missions to get Card Sets or you can also exchange Card Sets with your friends. This Card Set is used to strengthen Raz in this event.

When Raz is strong enough, Raz must fight the monsters with his strength. Later the rank of monsters that must be defeated by Raz will continue to increase and of course the prizes obtained will also be better.

This special event takes place from November 1, 2022. Well, hurry up and complete the mission and get Raz Saitama Cosplay for free.