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Jumanji: The Curse Returns is Ready to Launch in November

Good news for you fans of the Jumanji film, it is reported that the game company, Marmalade Game Studio will release a Jumanji mobile game entitled Jumanji: The Curse Returns. In this game you will be sucked into the jungle world, or meet unexpected creatures.

Now you can play games like in the Jumanji movie. Jumanji: The Curse Returns is ready to launch on Android in November.

This game allows you and three other players to work together to try and reach the center of the Jumanji board. Along the way you’ll have to fight creatures and work together to make sure you’re not overwhelmed. Hey, let’s see the trailer.

The game has already arrived on PC, as the trailer above shows, and when it lands on mobile, it will be cross-platform. So, you can play this game on various platforms.

You can pre-register for Jumanji: The Curse Returns by clicking here. So, you will get a notification when this game launches on November 17, 2022.