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Focusing on Copyright, Anang Hermansyah Releases IPR Friendly NFT

Musician, politician, and founder of ASIX Token, Anang Hermansyah officially released an NFT that is friendly to copyright and intellectual property rights (HAKI).

After successfully presenting a crypto token called ASIX Token, Anang Hermansyah did not immediately become complacent, guys. Now, the father of Aurel Hermansyah and Azriel Hermansyah officially launched their first Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Unlike other NFTs, Anang released his digital token collection in order to protect the copyrights of the artists or owners of a work.

Officially, Anang Hermansyah Releases Intellectual Property Rights

To support his NFT concept, Anang embeds an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into his token. Later, AI will be able to detect the owner and track record of a digital work.

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“In the NFT, we embed artificial intelligence that is able to detect who the owner is, the creator, and the track record of the work,” said Anang Hermansyah. detikhot.

“We continue to be committed to doing business and creating utilities that strengthen the fundamentals of Asix Token,” he continued.

Because there were several innovations that he had just built, Anang and his team had to revamp the white paper. The white paper is useful for explaining the project they are developing to potential investors and users.

Anang Hermansyah NFT
Photo: People’s Mind

In 2022, NFT transactions in Indonesia have indeed increased by 55%, from only US$ 250 million (2022) to US$ 389 million (2022). This improvement requires anticipating copyright in a work, this is the main reason why Anang made NFT IPR-friendly.

“I estimate that the NFT market in Indonesia is very potential. On the other hand, we also need to anticipate the copyright and IPR of the creators of the NFT that are traded,” said Ashanty’s husband.

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Not to forget, Anang also explained that songwriters, artists, and musicians can feel the existence of NFT to get full benefits because there are no cuts from third parties.

“They can benefit directly from peer to peer, so it is more profitable because it is not cut by a third party,” concluded Anang Hermansyah.