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Eudora's New Skin Leaks in 2022, Will Be Like This!

This is the leak of the new skin for the hero Eudora Mobile Legends 2022, what does it look like?

The surprising news came from the account leaks or leaks of Mobile Legends in Indonesia. Which they informed that Eudora will have a new skin coming again in the future.

Mage who are currently not selling well but in the future will get cool new skins.

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One of the leaks accounts that informed this was @grangermlthe most trusted MLBB leaks account in Indonesia.

Eudora’s New Skin 2022

As seen above, this Hero Mage will be arriving with a new skin, in fact this skin has previously seen unfinished wallpapers but for some reason the design has been changed again. Now it looks dominated by gray and purple. Could it be used as a Starlight skin?

Previously this skin was rumored to be labeled Special, will this change make the label change?

When Release?

Eudora Revamp
Photo via: Mobile Legends

The time when the new Mage skin will be released, either to the original or even to the advanced MLBB server, is still unknown.

There have been no leaks regarding when the latest skin from Eudora will be released. Moreover, there are already many upcoming skins that are rumored to be released for April and May, but of course with the number of Eudora users, this skin might be released soon.

Seeing how it looks, are you as Eudora users interested in buying it? According to SPIN Esports, the current appearance is quite good, more uniform with a variety of new skins that have been presented recently.

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