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Easy! This is the newest way to get Diamond Mobile Legends for free

Easy! This is the newest way to get Diamond Mobile Legends for free

Diamond Mobile Legends is certainly one of the most sought after items by all game players made by Moonton.

The reason is that by using diamonds you can buy various attributes in the game, from heroes to skins.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Interestingly, now there is a new way to get Diamond Mobile Legends for free and of course it is guaranteed to be 100% legal.

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Just Follow Challenge from Team RRQ

To be able to get diamonds for free, you only need to enter the contest that is currently being conducted by Team RRQ.

This of course cannot be separated from the brilliant performance of RRQ Hoshi who indeed appeared superior again in week 6 of MPL ID Season 9.

The team is also now perched at the top of the standings as well as being one of the strongest candidates who will secure the upper bracket slot in the Playoff round later.

To celebrate this achievement, of course diamond Mobile Legends for free awaits you.

Therefore, here is the procedure to follow challenge carried out by the RRQ Team.

  1. Answer questions in the comments column and must follow @teamrrq
  2. Put the hashtag #HuntForDiamondsRRQ then tag 3 of your friends
  3. Winners are announced every Sunday via IG story @teamrrq
  4. For 5 lucky winners will get each diamond worth IDR 100,000 (for each winner)
  6. For those who have won in this season’s activity, you can’t participate anymore, please share with others

The terms and conditions requested are of course very easy because anyone can do it, so don’t miss it, Spinners!

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