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MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 3 Results, BTR and RRQ Bring Victory!

MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 3 Results, BTR and RRQ Bring Victory!

For those who missed the match here, SPIN Esports has summarized all the results, where many exciting matches occurred on this third day.

Bigetron Alpha Vs Geek Fam

Photo via MPL ID

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After it was confirmed that they did not qualify for the playoffs, it seemed that Geek Fam appeared to be more excellent, but unfortunately BTR’s bald meta was still able to win this game quite well. 1-0 to BTR.

The second game went more or less the same even though Hanz with his X Borg performed quite well as a jungler this season, 2-0 for BTR.

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source: YT MLBB

The latest patch seems to be very strong for AURA Fire, as seen in their first game, they were fierce and managed to win quickly with Khufra Jungler in a combo with Grock and Atlas.

The crash meta used by RRQ was successful in bringing back points for this match. Alberttt’s Karina was successful in playing objectively and was able to bring equalizing points.

The most exciting duel occurred in the third game because RRQ released Kabuki’s Fanny who still had a 100% win rate. Although performing well at the beginning, RRQ was able to balance and even bring this game into the late game, making the power of the RRQ team strengthened with Cecilion. Even so, it took up to 27 minutes for RRQ to finish the match after successfully picking off AURA’s hero.

That’s the result of MPL ID Season 9 Week 6 Day 3. It’s really fun today’s match.

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