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Director Confirms Lee Jung-jae's Attendance in Squid Game Season 2

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed that the main actor, Lee Jung-jae will continue to star in Squid Game Season 2. Not to forget, Lee Byung-hun will also be present in the series.

After the success of the first season of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk immediately moved quickly to work on the second season of Squid Game, because it was urged by the movie geek circles.

Currently, the director is known to be in the script development stage while determining who will star in the series. Several names were confirmed to be present, including Lee Jung-jae.

Officially, Lee Jung-jae Will Be Present in Squid Game Season 2

Launching from DeadlineHwang Dong-hyuk recently firmly stated that Lee Jung-jae would still be featured in Squid Game season two, along with Lee Byung-hun as the front man.

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“Gihun will of course be back for a second season. He will return and I also believe that the front man will also be there,” said Dong-hyuk.

In the first season, the character Gihun was played by Lee Jung-jae and the front man was played by Lee Byung-hun. They are confirmed to be reunited in Squid Game Season 2 which is sure to be more exciting than the first season.

But, it’s not just Jung-jae and Byung-hun guys, there’s also Jung Ho Yeon who is said to have a twin brother with evil traits.

Lee Jung-jae Squid Game 2
Photo: Bayl

“Director Hwang also mentioned that Jung Ho Yeon might also appear in season two as the evil twin brother,” Deadline wrote in an official statement.

There has been no official news about the storyline used by Dong-hyuk in Squid Game 2. He can only confirm if there are many more tense games.

“There will be many more incredible games. That’s all I can say now,” Dong-hyuk said in an interview at the PGA Awards with Deadline.

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If there are no obstacles, Dong-hyuk wants to release the series at the end of 2024, meaning we have to wait two more years to see Lee Jung-jae and his friends in action in Squid Game Season 2.

“I have to work on season 2. Hopefully, I can show it to fans by the end of 2024,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk at the MIPTV festival in Cannes a few days ago.