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Can Epic Rank Grow With Mythic in Mobile Legends?

Maybe some of you are wondering, can the epic rank be able to grow with Mythic in Mobile Legends? So here’s the answer.

There was an issue some time ago which stated that the highest ranked player can grow up with 2 rank steps below his subordinates.

An example is the Mythic rank with epic, which is said to be able to expand in Mobile Legends rank after an update some time ago. But the fact is that until now such a thing could not be done.

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Epic & Mythic Can Increase Rank?

Epic mabar Mythic mobile legends

As we said before that rank Epic with Mythic can’t wait in MLBB rank mode at all.

If you’re mabar in classic mode, brawl or something else, you can still do it. Because there is no rank limit provision, you can’t play in rank mode at all.

Rank limit provisions have been applied for a long time, in fact they have existed since the beginning of the Mobile Legends season. Making Epic and Mythic ranks expand in rank is very risky.

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Because it can make the level of competition weaker where the Mythic rank should be filled by players with above average skill levels.

But it’s not impossible that Moonton will allow Epic & Mythic ranks to expand in MLBB rank mode at this time, because we don’t know what will happen in the future.

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