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Tips for playing Gold Lane Mobile Legends, Auto Become a Thug

The goldlaner role is one of the most played roles, where this role is filled by deadly goldlane heroes and the following are tips for being good at playing gold lane in Mobile Legends for the SPIN version.

The average hero played in the gold lane is marksman but that doesn’t mean other types of heroes can fill this role very well, like Saber, Grock or so on.

Regarding that, actually how to play any hero that you make goldlaner is quite easy and the method is more or less the same.

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Here, SPIN Esports will give tips on how to play gold lane in Mobile Legends.

Focus Objective

Goldlaner Lane

The first step is to focus on playing objective only during the early game, as much as possible at the beginning of the game, don’t help the war first.

Because things like that risk making your gold gain lose to your opponent. Focus on playing the objective first, especially taking the opponent’s shield turret, because it really helps your gold.

Pay attention to the Draft Pick Hero

Draft pick ban 5 mobile legends ML

Then is paying attention to the draft pick hero, don’t just pick the gold lane hero. Use a hero who can win against the opponent’s goldlaner hero.

Things like this you really have to pay attention to, don’t pick the wrong hero and even make you pressured by your opponent. Things like that can make it difficult for your hero to develop.

Play Aggressive

Goldlane roamers

Lastly, you also have to play aggressively, avoid playing passively or safely because it will make your opponent’s goldlaner too.

Things like this are very important to do, if you use a hero who wins power, don’t be afraid to play aggressively.

Those are some good tips for playing gold lane in Mobile Legends, pay attention to some of the tips above if you want to be the king of goldlaner.

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