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Build the Strongest Hilda Tank, the Hero is Troubled!

Hilda Mobile Legends

The composition of the strongest Hilda tank build is now being sought by many people because Hilda’s hero is a roamer who is good at making trouble.

As we know Hilda is one of the heroes who has an advantage in terms of moving speed. Of course, from this Hilda was able to tear apart the opponent’s rotation, especially on the jungler side.

Moreover, there is also an advantage where Hilda can recover her HP while in the bush or bush. So, it can be said that this hero is also quite dangerous for junglers.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using Hilda’s hero, or want to push MMR. Before that, it’s a good idea to first know the recommendations for the strongest Hilda tank build so that you can be more confident in rioting.

Hilda’s Skills Explanation

As usual, before going into the build discussion, the admin will first explain about Hilda’s skills. Because of course mastering a hero also requires theory in terms of skill explanations. After that, you practice.

Alright, just look at the following list of Hilda’s hero skills and their explanations:

  • Passive Skill – Blessing of Wilderness: When Hilda is in the bush, she will get an additional shield and HP regen. So, make sure you always stay in the bushes especially when your opponent attacks you.
  • Skill One – Combat Ritual: With this skill, Hilda will increase her movement speed and strengthen her basic attack. So, this skill is good for you to use when you want to attack enemies or to escape.
  • Skill Two – Art of Hunting: Hilda will lock the opponent’s target and deal damage and can be issued three times.
  • Ultimate Skill – Power of Wildness: Hilda will attack the opponent with high damage and cause a stun effect.

Based on the explanation of Hilda’s skills above, it can be ascertained that Hilda is good for use as a roamer tank with the advantage of her passive side. Because it is able to obtain shiled and regenerate its HP when in the bush.

Moreover, it is supported by the ability of the other skill that can make him run fast. So he is able to escape when threatened by ganking or also to chase opponents.

Build the Strongest Hilda Tank

After briefly explaining Hilda’s skills, then we will enter the core of the discussion, namely the strongest Hilda tank build.

Although you can be sure that Hilda’s build arrangement is a defense type item. However, you also can’t just choose, because you have to adjust the selection of items to the various abilities of Hilda.

Well, just look at the following recommendations for the strongest Hilda build, the BugisTekno version:

Build the Strongest Hilda Tank
  1. Warrior Boots – Conceal: Increases movement speed, physical defense and passively increases physical defense every time it takes damage.
  2. Dominance Ice: Increases mana, physical defense, movement speed, cooldown reduction and passively reduces the opponent’s HP regen.
  3. Antique Cuirass: Increases HP, physical defense, HP regen and passively reduces the opponent’s physical attack.
  4. Oracle: Increases HP. magical defense, cooldown reduction, and passively increase skill absorption and HP regen.
  5. Guardian Helmet: Increases HP, HP regen and passively restores HP every second.
  6. Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

The build arrangement above aims to maximize the passive ability of HP recovery from Hilda through Antique Cuirass, Oracle and Guardian Helmet items. So that he can last a long time even though he is beaten by opponents while in the bush.

Apart from these items, the others have of course helped maximize Hilda’s abilities in terms of adding HP, physical defense, magical defense and others.

Hilda Emblems and Spells

In addition to builds, emblems and spells are also indispensable components. Therefore, you also can’t just choose emblems and spells, because they also synergize with the build.

The emblem that fits Hilda’s hero is the emblem Tank with talent Concussive Blast which can give a little extra damage when attacking which is good for repaying the opponent’s HP.

Hilda Emblems and Talents

Meanwhile for the selection of a good spell is a spell Sprintbecause Hilda has the ability to walk fast, so you can go even faster, especially when you are in a state of urgency.

Maybe that’s all the admin’s review this time regarding the recommended build of the Hilda tank, the sickest version of BugisTekno. Hopefully useful and good luck.