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Build Moskov Sick 2022, Make Enemies Stick to Walls!

Moscow Mobile Legends

Hello friends, for those of you who want to play Moskov hero, there is good news, this time BugisTekno will discuss the build structure of the sickest Moskov whose damage penetrates and makes the enemy stick to the wall.

As we know Moskov is one of the marksman heroes that is quite terrible. The reason is, this hero has very large attack speed and damage, especially if the match has entered the late game phase.

Even so, playing the Moskov hero is not as easy as imagined. Because it has a fairly short attack distance so it requires proper positioning.

In addition, you also need the right order of build items so that Moskov’s hero can produce very painful damage. Therefore, let’s look at the following discussion.

Moskov’s Skills Explanation

As usual, the admin will first explain about the skills contained in the Moskov hero so that you can play it well and maximally.

In terms of the number of Moskov skills as with heroes in general, where there is one passive skill and three active skills. Here’s more.

  • Passive Skill – Spear of Quiescence: Every Moskov basic attack attack can have a penetrating effect on the target and also inflict damage on the opponent behind him.
  • Skill One – Abyss Walker: Through this skill, Moskov can move to the specified position. Then gain additional attack speed in a few moments.
  • Skill Two – Spear of Misery: For this second skill, Moskov can push the target. If the target collides with a wall or their team, both will be stunned and take additional damage.
  • Ultimate Skill – Spear of Destruction: Moskov will throw his spear in the specified direction. The attack distance of this spear can lead to the entire area of ​​​​the match, and only stops when it hits the opponent.

Looking at the abilities of Moskov’s hero skills, we can confirm that this Moskov is very good for playing hiding in the bush.

When the opponent walks close to the wall, then you can use two Moskov skills to push the opponent to hit the wall. Well, that’s when you can end the enemy with a terrible Moskov attack.

Build Moskov Mobile Legends Hurts

After understanding the various functions of each skill possessed by Moskov, then the next step is to go into the discussion of the build recommendations.

Based on the skill side, Moskov has obtained a penetration effect through his passive. So we can conclude that Moskov does not require additional penetration, but only the effects of attack speed, physical attack and critical chance.

Well, just take a peek at the recommendations for the sickest Moskov build below:

Build Moskov Hurts
  • Swift Boots: Increases movement speed and attack speed.
  • Windtalker: Increases attack speed, movement speed, critical chance and passive gives additional magic-type damage.
  • Scarlet Phantom: Increase physical attack, attack speed, critical chance and passive attack speed increase every time a critical attack occurs.
  • Berserker’s Fury: Increases physical attack, critical chance, critical damage and passive increases the hero’s physical attack.
  • Wind of Nature: Increases physical attack, attack speed, physical lifesteal and immunity to all physical damage when activated.
  • Haas’s Claws: Increase physical attack, physical lifesteal and passive gain additional physical lifesteal if HP is below 50%.

It can be seen that the arrangement of the sickest Moskov builds above relies on the critical damage side which is supported by the attack speed so that Moskov is able to eliminate enemies quickly.

Moskov Emblem and Spell

Next, for the preparation stage for the right emblem and spell for the Moskov hero, of course you also need to do it. The emblem that fits Moskov is the emblem Marksman with talent Electro Flash which can increase attack speed and also restore HP.

Moskov Emblems and Talents

Meanwhile, for choosing a good spell to maximize Moskov’s damage is a spell Inspire. However, this of course also needs to be adjusted depending on the line up of heroes you are facing.

A few tips from the admin, before you play the Moskov hero, make sure you first change the attack target setting from the lowest HP to Nearest Target just.

The reason is because Moskov has a fairly short attack distance so it needs the right positioning. Moreover, it has also been supported by Moskov’s passive skill which can attack through the back.

Well, maybe that’s enough for this review regarding the BugisTekno version of the Moskov build structure. Hopefully useful and thanks for visiting.