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Better to Gacha Ayaka or wait for Yelan in Genshin Impact?

Better to Gacha Ayaka or wait for Yelan in Genshin Impact?

Maybe many players are confused about who the gacha character is. At this time, Ayato’s banner is still present and for those of you who want to gacha this character, hurry up before being replaced by Ayaka.

Ayaka will be here in a few days and the leaked banner is here. Leaked Rate-Up Banner Re-Run Ayaka Genshin Impact!

Towards 2.6, Genshin Impact officially announced Yelan as a new character for the upcoming version. For waifu seekers, it may be confusing to choose one of the two waifu characters that will be present.

Ayaka is indeed a re-run character, but her capability as Main DPS is no longer in doubt, while Yelan smells really good, especially since she has a kit similar to Xingqiu, one of the best Hydro Enablers to date.

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So, should Gacha Ayaka or Yelan be in Genshin Impact as the next waifu character?

Better Gacha Ayaka or wait Yelan?

The two can intersect because after the Ayaka banner there will likely be a Yelan banner in May 2022.

So, who’s the choice for you, gacha because if you are F2P, of course, you will be confused about choosing or getting these two characters at once.


Banner Ayaka Re-run

Ayaka has indeed proven to be a good Cryo DPS Main. Even now one of the strongest Main DPS with the Freeze comp team that can tear down opponents quickly.

But of course Ayaka is not without flaws because Freeze can’t be used against Bosses. Of course he can be very useful both in the spiral abyss, and become one of the top characters.


Yelan Genshin Impact

It can be said that this character is still gray even though it has been leaked. He is also said to be a character that can be used as DPS or support, many also say that this character is a 5-star Xingqiu because elemental Burst which is classified as having a more or less similar effect.

Both of them are waifu characters which are certainly the target of many players. Moreover, Yelan himself is a new character of course many are curious about the gameplay.

In conclusion, these two characters can be said to be equally good depending on what kind of playstyle you want. If you really need to play a strong DPS, then Ayaka can be a solution. And if you want the fight for Xingqiu not to happen in your spiral abyss, you can choose Yelan.

So, choose which character you think is more suitable for the playstyle. For Ayaka, of course, you already know and can try playing on version 2.6 via the Try event later, while for Yelan of course waiting for the teaser and announcement of version 2.7 later and version 2.7 (approximately May) to try it.

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