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9 Best Comic Reading Applications on Android, Most Complete!

Do you like reading comics? If yes, then you are in the right article. Because this time BugisTekno will share recommendations for the best comic reading applications on Android that present the most complete comics.

Of course, with this comic reading application, you no longer need to buy comics that are quite expensive. Because in the application there are various comics that you can read for free.

However, of course you also want to read special comics, right. Take it easy, that’s the reason the admin shares a complete list of comic applications so you can find the comics that you want.

Recommended Best Comic Reading Apps on Android



The recommended first choice of the best comic reading application is LINE WEBTOON. If you are looking for a comic that you want to read, then LINE WEBTOON can be the right choice.

The reason is, this application provides a very complete collection of comics, ranging from Korean, Japanese to Indonesian comics. Amazingly, LINE WEBTOON also always updates comics with episodes every day.

In terms of appearance, this comic is also colorful, so apart from reading, it is also pleasing to the eye. If you want to read comics offline, you can download them first.

2. MangaToon

MangaToon App

MangaToon is also one of the best comic apps that you can choose. This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users with a good rating.

The collection of comics is also not inferior to the previous one, because the MangaToon application also updates comics every day. The available comic collections are grouped with several genres such as Romance, Action, Horror and others.

For a list of comics in this application, some are available for free and some are paid. You need coins to be able to read certain comics. But don’t worry, because most of the comics in the MangaToon application you can read for free.

3. Tory Comics

ToryComics Aplikasi App

Next up, the ToryComics app. In terms of reading comfort this application can be a consideration. You can find a variety of comics from the finished to the newest with a variety of languages.

This ToryComics application provides a subscription feature, meaning you have to pay to be able to enjoy certain comics. But don’t worry, because there is also a free gift voucher feature.

You can get this voucher from the event and you can use it to read certain comics for free for a limited time.

4. WebComics

WebComics Aplikasi App

The list of the best comic reading applications on Android, the next choice is WebComics. This application provides quite complete comics ranging from the genre of Action comics, School Stories, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy and many more.

WebComic also always updates the latest comics every day, especially for comics with episodes. You can also download existing comics so that one day you can read them without internet quota.

5. Tapas

Tapas App

One of the best free comic reading apps is Tapas. There are tons of comics available that you can read for free. Apart from comics, Tapas also provides various collections of novels.

This application is the third best-selling comics application on the PlayStore with a total download of more than 1 million which of course can be a benchmark that this comic reading application deserves to be an option.



A recommended comic reading application that you should also try is BILIBILI COMICS. It is also one of the most popular comics apps on the Play Store with more than 5 million downloads.

That’s because BILIBILI COMICS provides very complete features, such as presenting HD quality illustrations that are beautifully made, and there are also more than 300 anime comics translated by professionals.

Of course, with this feature, you can read comics comfortably. Moreover, there is also an offline reading feature by downloading comics first.

7. Manta

Manta App

Furthermore, the application that provides a large selection of complete comics is Manta. This one application is also liked by many people, as evidenced by the rating side it gets good results.

In the Manta application, you can find a variety of free comics without ads and costs per episode. Moreover, this Manta application always updates the latest comics every day.

However, there are also limitations for certain comics. But don’t worry, to get unlimited access, you can subscribe to this application.

8. Read comics V10

Bacakomik V10 Application

For those of you who feel uncomfortable because some comic reading applications do not provide Indonesian translation, then this one application is worth trying.

Yep, this Bacakomik V10 application was indeed made by an Indonesian developer so you don’t need to hesitate anymore in terms of translation because all the available comics are packaged with Indonesian translations.

Even so, in terms of the list of available comics, it is still quite lacking. And also the loading of comic images is sometimes quite slow.

9. INKR Comics

INKR Comics App

The recommendation for the best comic reading application that is the last choice in this review is INKR Comics. This application also provides a fairly complete collection of comics from small to large publishers.

Not only that, the INKR Comics application also provides interesting features, where there is an AI-powered system that can give you comic recommendations according to your wishes.

In addition, you can easily find and read comics based on categories, ranging from Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Drama and many more.

Well, that was the recommendation for the best comic reading application on Android, the BugisTekno version, which could be an option for those of you who like to read comics. Hopefully useful and good luck.