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9 of the Coolest Best Android Lock Screen Apps!

Want your Android screen lock screen to look cool? Come on, try some of the recommendations for the best Android screen lock applications that the admin will share below.

Yep, we know the screen lock is one feature that is generally used by Android users. The reason is, with the screen lock feature, users can protect all their privacy on the phone.

This screen lock feature is already included in Android’s default features, it’s just that from the side it looks normal. In fact, this component can also beautify the display side of the phone.

Luckily, now application developers have also created an Android screen lock application that can be used to change the appearance of the screen lock to make it look even cooler. Well, for those of you who are interested, please see the list of applications below.

Best Android Lock Screen App Recommendations

1. Lock Screen

Lock Screen App

The first recommended application is called Lock Screen. This application allows you to beautify the appearance of the lock screen on Android as you wish. The reason is, this Lock Screen application provides a feature where you can customize the design to be detailed.

Starting from the choice between using a pattern lock or password to the layout of the lock button. There is also a wide selection of high-quality HD wallpapers that you can use as a background image.

In addition, there are many other interesting features, you can also lock certain applications as you wish, especially on social media applications that have a lot of your privacy.

2. Kawaii Zipper

Kawaii Zipper App

For women who like pink and cute dolls, this one screen lock application can be an option. Kawaii Zipper application provides a variety of cute looks with kawaii dolls and beautiful pink backgrounds.

To open the screen lock menu, you just need to slide the zipper down which will display a beautiful animation. In addition, there are also various choices of screen lock types such as patterns, passwords, and many others.

3. Gesture Lock Screen

Applications Gesture Lock Screen

Next, the recommendation for the best screen lock application on the third list is Gesture Lock Screen. Well, for those of you who want to lock the screen in a different way then this one application is suitable for you to use.

The reason is, this Gesture Lock Screen application allows you to unlock the screen by crossing the screen. Of course, you can create a screen lock with a signature, symbol or any other text you want.

In addition, there are also various other interesting features, where you can customize the background display, notification position and size and many others.

4. Super Car Lock Screen

Super Car Lock Screen Application

The next list of applications is Super Car Lock Screen. As the name implies, this lock screen application presents a cool and luxurious car appearance to decorate the lock screen on your cellphone.

Not only that, this application also provides a variety of lock screen mode options, including password, PIN, text or pattern mode. Of course it is very interesting, especially for those of you who like automotive.

5. AmongLock

AmongLock App

One application that can change the appearance of the Android screen lock to be cooler and unique is AmongLock. For those of you who like to play the game Among Us, this application is right for you to use.

Through this application, the lock screen display on your Android will look more unique with the Among Us design in it. Uniquely, when you enter the wrong password, there will be a display of the expelled Among Us characters.

6. Canyon Lock Screen

Canyon Lock Screen App

The sixth best recommended screen lock application is Canyon. For this application, it provides a very complete variety of features with a minimalist design.

Meanwhile, the Canyon application can also make it easier for you to control various activities on your cellphone. As with the music control feature so you can change or stop music even when the screen is locked.

In addition, there is also a notification feature that has placed the notification list correctly so that you can see it easily and comfortably.

7. Gun Shooting Lock Screen

Gun Shooting Lock Screen Application

The first Android screen lock application is Gun Shooting Lock Screen. This application can lock the screen in a unique way, where you have to slide the tap of the gun to be able to unlock the screen of your Android cellphone.

It offers a graphical animation display that is also very impressive so that it makes your Android phone look luxurious. In addition, this one screen lock application also provides clock, date, and weather.

8. Football 4K Screen Lock

Football 4K Screen Lock App

For those of you who like football, then this one screen lock application is perfect for you to try. This app will display lock screen on Android with famous football players.

Of course, it is perfect for those of you who like football. Moreover, pictures of football players are available in HD quality so that your screen display will look smoother and more charming.

9. Door Lock Screen

Door Lock Screen Application

The third best screen lock application is the Door Lock Screen. This application will lock your Android screen with a closed door view. The way to open it is quite easy, you just need to knock on the door.

There are many types of door displays with cool and minimalist colors that you can choose from, there are also clocks and dates to maximize the functions on this lock screen.

Well, those were some recommendations for the best Android screen lock applications that have a variety of unique designs that can be an option for you. Good luck.