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9 Best Android Futsal Games That Make You Addicted!

Best Android Futsal Games

Like to play futsal? Who doesn’t like futsal, especially for men. Besides being fun, playing futsal also makes men look cool when they play the ball beautifully, which always amazes the women watching.

Futsal can be said to be almost the same as football, but the difference is that the field is not as wide as a football field, the number of players playing is also 5 people, so we can conclude that futsal is mini football.

Playing futsal is fun and exciting, in fact many application developers are now presenting futsal-themed games for Android. So, for those of you who like playing futsal, of course you don’t want to miss out on the futsal games that we can play on Android.

Now for those of you who are curious to know how exciting futsal games are, here BugisTekno has summarized some of the best futsal-themed games that can be an option for you to play on your favorite cellphone.

Recommendations for the Best and Fun Futsal Games on Android

1. Extreme Football

Extreme Football Games

The recommendation for the first futsal game is Extreme Football. Well, this one game allows you to feel the street soccer game like futsal.

In the game, you will play futsal with a 3vs3 system. What’s even more interesting is that this game is based online, so you can form a futsal team with your friends and then compete with other players in real-time.

Of course, it is very exciting, especially from a graphic point of view, this game is also quite good so that it will make you addicted and feel the sensation of the real futsal game.

2. Soccer Street

Street Soccer Games

The list of the best Android futsal games, the second choice, is Soccer Street. As the name implies, this game made by Mini Sport will also give you the sensation of playing street futsal.

In terms of graphic quality, this game is quite good and realistic, equipped with a controller system that is easy for you to press. Of course, this can make you comfortable in playing.

Moreover, in terms of gameplay, it is also quite diverse, starting from the choice of roles as manager or player, choice of stadium, and much more. In addition, you can also play this game offline.

3. Futsal Football 2

Futsal Football 2 Game

Futsal Football 2 is also one of the futsal games for Android made by HCGamerLove which can be an option. In this game, you will play futsal in a room with stunning graphic animations.

Just like playing real futsal, in this Futsal Football 2 game, the rules have been prepared according to the real futsal sport. For example, the time of a match that lasts for 20 minutes.

4. Futsal Championship

Futsal Championship Games

Futsal Championship is one of the best Android futsal games that you must try. In addition to offering stunning graphics and animation quality, this game also presents gameplay like a real futsal game.

This game can be played offline, so even if you don’t have a quota, it’s not a problem. You can also create your own league to challenge each team and prove your ball skills.

However, unfortunately this game is no longer available on the Play Store, but if you are interested in playing it then you can download it on other platforms via the link that the admin has provided.

5. Street Soccer Flick

Street Soccer Flick Game Game

Unlike the previous list of futsal games, Street Soccer Flick presents free kick gameplay. But of course it is also no less exciting even though there is no game between the two teams that compete like a football game in general.

In this game, you will be tested how good you are at kicking the ball into the goal with different levels of difficulty. If you’re a good kicking futsal player, prove your kicking tactics in this Street Soccer Flick game.

6. Street Football Super League

Street Football Super League Games

For those of you who like street football, you must also try this one game. The reason is, in this game you can play while displaying beautiful ball playing skills, you will feel various skills and tricks in dribbling.

There are 250 players from 18 international teams that can be played with different distinctive styles of play. Of course, it can also be your reference to demonstrate the style that exists in a real futsal game.

7. Indoor Futsal

Indoor Futsal Games

The next best Android futsal game is Indoor Futsal. This game made by 1der Sports offers smoother and more realistic graphics as well as cool sound effects. Of course this will give you a more enjoyable experience in playing futsal games on mobile phones.

Besides that, Futsal Indoor also provides various game modes ranging from training, knockout rounds, to tournaments. Are you ready to play in the biggest futsal competition? Come on, download and play the game.

8. Futsal Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Futsal Games

Furthermore, the recommendation for the eighth best Android futsal game is Futsal Goalkeeper. As the name implies, in this game you will play futsal and act as a goalkeeper or goalkeeper on your team.

This game will test how good your reflexes are in defending the goal so you don’t concede a goal. Of course, it’s very exciting, especially for those of you who really like to act as a goalkeeper when playing futsal.

9. FIFA Futsal

FIFA Futsal Games

The recommended futsal game which is the last list in this review is FIFA Futsal. For this one game, it brings gameplay where you will do exercises in playing futsal. Not only practice, but there are also challenges that you must complete.

This game provides a variety of basic futsal training modes so that you can better understand the sport of futsal. In addition, there are also features for customizing your character, both in terms of clothing and others.

This game is officially made by FIFA, but the rating results from Play Store users are quite bad. In fact, seeing from the big name of the developer, of course this game has been designed well.

So, that was the list of the best and fun Android futsal games that can make you addicted. You can download all the games above for free by visiting the link that the admin has provided.