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7 Best Harvest Moon Similar Games for Android Phones

The Best Collection of Harvest Moon Similar Games

Games that are similar to Harvest Moon are still sought after by game lovers because of the exciting sensation. Gardening games that we used to find on the PlayStation One console are now very rare.

If in the past you were also one of the Harvest Moon game lovers, of course you want to be nostalgic when you used to play it.

Some of the games I’m reviewing this time can treat your homesickness with these old school games. Come on, let’s look at the list of games that are similar to Harvest Moon below.

Collection of the Best Harvest Moon Similar Games for Android

1. Farmville 2

Farmville 2 Games

You can also feel the excitement of playing Harvest Moon from the FarmVille 2 game. You can do various gardening activities such as planting, raising livestock, and fishing.

Not only that, you can also arrange your garden as you wish, especially this FarmVille 2 game you can also play offline.

2. Dream Farm

Dream Farm Games

The next Harvest Moon-like game is Dream Farm. This game made by JoyMore has offered a variety of gameplay similar to Harvest Moon.

You can grow various types of crops, raise livestock and expand your farm. What’s more, you can also visit the gardens of other players in this game.

3. Harvest Land

Harvest Land Games

Managing a plantation in a game will certainly make your heart calm, but sometimes it will be boring if there are no challenges.

Now in this Harvest Land game, you will face challenges and mysteries that you must solve. Besides you also have to manage your favorite garden.

Not only that, you also have to collect additional resources such as wood, stones, and diamonds. Uniquely in this game you can trade resources with your friends online.

4. Farm Story 2

Game Farm Story 2

The next best Harvest Moon-like game is Farm Story 2. Through this game you can build your dream garden.

You have to do various jobs such as planting, raising livestock, fishing, cooking to mining. You can sell the agricultural products later to enlarge your garden.

5. WeFarm

WeFarm Games

If you like funny and cute characters, then this game is suitable for you to play. WeFarm provides various animals with cute designs such as cows, sheep and dogs that will complete the fun in your gardening.

In this game you have to carry out various missions to get valuable items to expand your farm. Various cool fashions are also available, you can change the character’s clothes as you wish.

6. Green Farm 3

Game Green Farm 3

The next best gardening game is Green Farm 3. This game made by Gameloft offers a storyline that is almost the same as Harvest Moon where you will inherit a garden from your uncle.

You have to manage a garden that has been falling apart for a long time to return to normal by carrying out a series of available missions.

7. Big Farm

Big Farm Games

The next Harvest Moon-like game is Big Farm. As the name implies, in this game you can build the largest farmland, grow crops, raise animals in large numbers and then sell the produce.

You can turn the profits you get again to further multiply your gardening profits.

Now from the 7 lists of games that are similar to Harvest Moon above, if you can represent and treat your feelings of homesickness in playing Harvest Moon games via Android phones. Have a nice play.