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5 Best Investment Applications on Android, Even with Small Capital!

Application for Investment

Who likes investing? Yep, the owners of capital in general like to invest that is useful for the future. There are many ways to carry out investment activities, usually people buy goods whose prices will increase in the future, such as gold.

Well, in today’s modern era, we can invest in digital ways, just with an Android we can already carry out investment activities. Various types of applications are available that allow one to invest their capital which can be increased in the future.

In this article, BugisTekno will review several investment applications that you can use to invest even with small capital.

List of Best and Trusted Investment Applications on Android

1. Seeds

Seed Investment Application

Seeds is one of the best investment apps. With this application you can invest with small capital, with only 10 thousand rupiah you can start investing.

Not only that, this application also provides Sharia Mode, where Muslims can invest in sharia optimally.

You also don’t have to worry about tax issues because Mutual Funds are not tax objects like property and gold. What’s more, you can withdraw your funds at any time if you need.

2. Magical

Magic Investment App

In investing sometimes people are haunted by doubts despite the many evidences and promises that are given. Through this Magic application, you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The Magic Application keeps money safely by custodial bank partners who are closely monitored by OJK. You can also invest with a small capital of at least 10 thousand rupiah.

Not only that, this application also offers a feature that can recommend the best mutual funds for you, so you don’t have to analyze hundreds of options yourself.

3. Bareksa

Bareksa Investment Application

The next recommended investment application is Bareksa. The registration process through this application is quite easy and fast, only 5 minutes.

There are various types of investments that you can choose from in the Bareksa application, ranging from mutual funds, state securities, gold, to umrah.

In addition, the payment transaction process is also very easy, because there are various payment methods that you can choose from.

4. Stash

Stash Investasi Investment App

The third investment app on this list is Stash. The Stash application is specially designed for novice investors and is presented with a minimalist look.

With a small capital starting from $ 5 (75 thousand rupiah) you can invest at once while learning the ins and outs of the investment itself.

You can start with a small nominal, learn to manage risk and monitor the historical development of your investments.

One of the excellent features of this application is Auto-Stash which allows you to turn your investment into a habit so you can learn to invest and get used to it.

5. Earn money

Investment Applications Tan

The fourth best investment application is Tanamduit. This application is also an investment application that is very suitable for those of you who are just interested in learning about investing.

Regarding security, there is no need to hesitate with this application because it is licensed and supervised by the OJK. Tanamduit also provides a small minimum investment of 10 thousand rupiah so that anyone can feel the beauty of investing.

Interestingly, for the investment process, the Tanamduit application also provides many choices of digital wallet payment methods such as Gopay, DANA, LinkAja and Bank Transfer.

Well, those were some recommendations for investment applications with the best and most trusted small capital that can be a reference for you.