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5 Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legend

Mobile Legend players certainly want to have a hero with a different appearance and looks cooler. This is one of the reasons why many players have spent their money to buy MLBB skins.

In addition, many skins already have cool animation effects or very unique recall effects. Not to mention the new voice-over and aesthetic design, and so on.

Unfortunately, the skins in Mobile Legends are sold at quite expensive prices, even reaching 3 to 4 million. However, you should not despair first. You can get cool skins in an interesting way without the need to spend money or spend a dime of diamonds. Here are 5 ways to get free skins in the Mobile Legends game.

1.Lucky Spin

5 Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legend

The first way is Lucky Spin. In Lucky Spin, players will get one chance for free to spin the lottery every 48 hours.

There are lots of prizes that you will get there, such as coins and skin fragments. In addition, the main prize that you will get from lucky spin is a hero.

For more luck, you might do some of these things in order to earn and also increase your chances of getting attractive prizes.

It’s like doing a draw on lucky spin after you play in classic or ranked, after that try to draw 5 times by turning off the animation, and draw while pressing the hero or skin icon.

2.Mobile Legend Skin Fragment

The second way is Mobile Legend Skin Fragment. By collecting skin fragments, you will get the skin you want for free. Each skin also has a different skinfragment price. There are two types of skin fragments, namely Premium and Rare. This premium skins shop contains Elite Tier skins, while the Rare skins shop contains normal and rare skins that sell Elite Tiers.

You can get skin fragments in various ways, ranging from: medal chests, lucky spins, free chests, event prizes, and daily logins.

3.Daily Login Reward

5 Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legend

This daily login reward is one of the prizes that will be obtained and obtained by players every day when they enter the Mobile Legend game.

The advantage for those of you who are diligent in playing Mobile Legends, when you are logged in, you will get lots of prizes. Starting from trial skins, tickets, and heroes, to skin fragments that will be obtained by children, they are stored with the aim of being exchanged for the skins they want at the Fragment Shop.

4. Seasoned Rank Rewards

Season Rank Ranked is the fourth way to get free skins. By diligently playing ranked and increasing his ranking and in every new season, there will be a free ranked season exclusive skin that will be given to every Mobile Legends player.

To get it you just have to reach Master rank or reach a rank above it. Isn’t this way easy enough? If it is done with diligence and diligence, the rank will quickly rise and you will get free skins.

5.Mobile Legend Events

5 Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legend

Mobile Legends often holds events with various free gifts that have been intended for its players. Prizes from this event include heroes and skins.

Like the The Aspirers event which is currently running. Players will be able to obtain permanent skins in The Aspirants event simply by completing missions on The Aspirant’s event page.

There are two choices of the latest anime-style skins devoted to Fanny and Layla that Mobile Legends players must get. Remember, always make sure that you check the events tab every day!