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5 NFT Games That Make Money in 2022

NFT games are currently increasingly sought after by many people, especially by investors who have entered the cryptocurrency world and want to have promising assets.

This blockchain-based game with the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) system can provide an opportunity that aims to have in-game assets that can be traded and also with crypto currency. In fact, there are also games that can provide cash from the sale of NFT.

What are NFT Games?

5 NFT Games That Make Money in 2022

NFT games are games that already have cryptocurrency goods or assets that can be traded by fellow players who are in the game or in a marketplace. This blockchain-based game is getting more and more popular day by day and has begun to attract public attention to try it. In-game NFT prices vary a lot. This NFT asset has the potential to increase in price in line with the development of this digital asset. When the price soars, you can sell it which is useful for making a lot of profit.

Recommended Money Making NFT Game

5 NFT Games That Make Money in 2022

Well, for those of you who want to try to have in-game assets with a high value, here are some recommendations for a list of NFT games that make money. Listen so you can be clearer.

1.Farming Tales

Farming Tales is a play-to-earn game that is already on a blockchain network. This game has incorporated the concept of farm simulation so that players can develop farm fields as well as virtual farms into promising NFT assets.

As for how to play and get tokens in Farming Tales, in general, it’s not much different from other games that simulate other farms. Here, you have to take care of ordinary fields to turn them into big farms, much like Harvest Moon games. Once successfully developed, you can participate in various competitions or auctions on the marketplace with the aim of getting multiple profits.

Farming Tales has yet to officially release the token and payment system used. However, this game will only release in the second quarter of 2022. You can visit the game’s official website for more information.

2.League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is one of the NFT games that has carried the concept of massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy games. In fact, it has become one of the world’s first blockchain MMO strategy games.

In this strategy game, all land commodities are non-fungible tokens (NFT). So, you have to develop your empire from buildings, forts, defense facilities, to soldiers.

You can earn crypto coins in this ethereum network game by fighting monsters, completing missions, and even converting your resources to expand your land or fields.

Meanwhile, this game has used a token called League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA). The price of 1 LOKA is equivalent to Rp. 28,000, -.

3.Beasties Online

Beasties Online or “Magic Beasties” (BSTS Coin) is a multiplayer blockchain game that has become one of the strongest competitors to Ethereum in the Axie Infinity game in 2022. In BSTS Coin, there is a unique game to collect various digital monster characters. You and your friends can play it together to experience trading, adventure and make money.

This NFT Beasties Online game will present a PvP battle mode. Where you will fight with other players in text-based battles. The price of this Magic Beasties Token (BSTS) is in the range of US$ 0.00001332 or equivalent to Rp. 0.19,-.


SolaJump or SolaJumper is one of the NFT games that has offered a new concept, namely the classic short game. Previously, this concept was very familiar like the Pac-Man game.

As the name implies, even though it’s a short game, SolaJump is still memorable for its users. Also, you can generate NFT from SolaJumper.

How to play is also easy. You just need to tap on the screen while pointing the character at the blue box. At this time, the developer has provided 2,000 SOL tokens which can be won through the Genesis Competition event. The SOL price is in the range of 98.87 USD or equivalent to Rp. 1,421,646,-.

5.Game NFT JobTribes

The last NFT crypto game is JobTribes which is no less popular than the previous game. JobTribes has used the concept of a card game that can make money. Each card is a digital art that has been registered as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, to sell this card, you must use DEAPcoin (DEP) tokens. In addition, the exchange rate is 1 DEP for IDR 499,-.

In this JobTribes game, you can also find the same variety of game modes such as Practice, Player vs Player (PvP), Story, and Quest.