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5 Most Effective Hero Marksman Mobile Legends Push Turret Without Minions

You should know that there are 5 marksman heroes in Mobile Legends that are the most effective in pushing turrets without minions, who are the three heroes?

Of the many marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, only a few of them have special abilities in the form of a push turret without minions.

According to SPIN Esports, there are only 5 most effective marksman heroes to push turrets without minions, who are they?

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Hero marksman mobile legends
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Layla is the first hero who is most effective in pushing turrets without the help of minions, all because of her far enough attack distance and can directly reach the opponent’s turret.


Mobile legends strongest Lesley
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Just like Layla, Lesley’s attack range is also very far and can reach the turret very easily. That’s what makes Lesley worthy of inclusion in the list.


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For this one hero, a special place is needed so that his attacks can reach the turret. Kimmy can push the turret quickly without minions as long as the position when he attacks must be right.


Mobile legends strong marksman hero
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Only Beatrix’s sniper weapon is able to push the turret without the help of minions because its attack range is very far. Plus the damage from this weapon is quite painful and very effective for push turrets.

Popol & Kupa

The best marksman hero
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Finally, the marksman hero is very effective in destroying the turret quickly without the help of minions.

He is Popol & Kupa, who can destroy a turret in seconds even without the help of minions. All because of the Kupa (wolf) who helped Popol when attacking the turret.

Those are the five most effective marksman heroes in Mobile Legends to push turrets without the help of minions.

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