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Why is Miya Mobile Legends Item Recommended Full Damage?

Maybe some of you are still wondering why the Miya Mobile Legends item most people suggest full damage?

Miya is one of the most terrible marksman heroes in Mobile Legends because of her high lifesteal ability and pretty sick damage.

Even playing Miya can’t just play carelessly, there are some special things that must be considered so that the Miya you play becomes terrible.

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Especially the special thing is paying attention to items, because according to many people Miya has to use full item damage. Then why does it have to be full damage?

Miya Must Use Full Damage Items

Mobile legends strongest marksman hero
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

The reason, of course, is so that Miya’s abilities can be maximized, because as we said earlier Miya is a marksman hero who relies heavily on lifesteal when fighting.

Therefore Miya has to buy lifesteal and damage items so that her abilities can be relied on. If you buy mostly defense items, the lifesteal is less heavy and even makes Miya easy to beat.

But you can also buy a maximum defense item of 1 item such as immortal or other as the last defense for Miya.

Photo via Pinterest

That’s the reason why Miya Mobile Legends is highly recommended to buy full damage items according to SPIN Esports.

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