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10 Alternative Genshin Impact Games That You Should Try

Genshin Impact was released in September 2022, in just two weeks this game has become the most successful new IP by Chinese developers seeing the release of MiHoYo, Genshin Impact and as a “gacha-style” action RPG that borrows its fighting genius from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s no wonder why this PS4 and mobile crossover is so popular.

With tons of characters and secret areas to unlock and a complicated combat system that provides endless fun, Genshin Impact isn’t a game that you can fully enjoy in a short amount of time. However, some truly committed players may have built the team they wanted and achieved everything they felt the game had to offer. Well, if you like games like Genshin Impact and want to find a similar game, here are some alternative game titles for Genshin Impact.

1. Dragalia Lost

Developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo, Dragalia Lost is a highly ambitious title that has grossed over $100 million. $16 million of that came in its first two weeks, which shows just how much impact it had on its player base when it was released.

Dragalia Lost is an Action RPG that uses the concept of gacha to add characters. It’s all about killing bosses and developing relationships with Dragons and also gives you the chance to transform yourself into one of these winged beasts. This game focuses on character development and story evolution.

2. Albion Online

Albion Online is another free-to-play game that has a different subgenre compared to Genshin Impact. It is a sandbox MMORPG played from an isometric top-down perspective and features a classless combat system where the characters can specialize in whatever the player wants.

Albion Online does this more interestingly than similar RPGs because it also allows players to swap between RPG builds or archetypes, much like how players can swap party characters in Genshin Impact.

3. Warframes

Just like Genshin Impact, Warframe is also an action RPG with co-op whose gameplay mainly develops around “characters” with unique skills. It’s called Warframe and they’re just freelance space ninjas taking contracts that usually involve mass murder.

There are currently around 40+ Warframes (not counting their Prime variant) and all of them are comparable to 20+ Genshin Impact characters. The difference is that getting a Warframe isn’t down to luck (at least not for the most part).

4. Bleach: Brave Souls

Based on the wildly popular Japanese manga series of the same name, Bleach: Brave Souls does a brilliant job adapting the source material and offers a surprising amount of content for a free-to-play game. With over 40 million downloads, it is also one of the most successful mobile game titles out there and remains popular despite its first release in Japan nearly six years ago.

The game combines elements from the beat ’em up and RPG genres and features a fully enhanced story mode as well as coop and PVP options. There are hundreds of characters from the manga available as well as an excellent soundtrack featuring some of the biggest names in J-pop. If you like Bleach or manga in general, you’ll probably like what Brave Souls has to offer.

5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It’s no secret that MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact is heavily influenced by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even to the point of making Genshin’s battles a direct replica of the combat system. But how not, when the influence in question is also one of the greatest achievements in the history of video games.

It’s one of the most expansive and vibrant open worlds ever, full of secrets, enemies, characters, weapons, armor and hours of captivating fun. If a player has never played this title before, then they already know they are missing out. This list isn’t the first they’ve heard of.

6. Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG is one of the newest mobile gacha games and is based in the popular world of Disgaea. Currently, the game is only available on Android devices but is a perfect choice for gamers looking for a free-to-play RPG with stylish characters and an engaging story.

Players can enjoy several different game modes and see adorable Prinnie in action.

7. Raid: Shadow Legends

Like Genshin, Raid: Shadow Legends is a game available on multiple platforms. The PC version of the mobile game was released in 2022 for gamers who prefer to play PC games over mobile. The game has a turn-based combat system and allows the player to draw new characters.

It has an in-game story with a dark twist, perfect for gamers looking for something new.

8. Azure Lane

Azure Lane is a gacha game that runs on iOS and Android devices. This game features girls who resemble famous warships and the different factions they belong to. The gameplay itself is side-scrolling-shooting, but there are some RPG elements involved as well.

Players must level up their ships and work to create a strong team to conquer new levels.

9. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is basically a sci-fi or futuristic version of Genshin Impact and was even created by the same developer, miHoYo. That means it also has powerful gacha and colorful characters for players to master or gamble with.

Story-wise, it’s even more convoluted than Genshin Impact and the combat is much weirder, much like shonen or over-the-top action anime. Even so, this game has a faster and more complex combat system that should keep players coming back.

10. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a tried and tested game from 2022 that is still popular today and remains free as always. Blade & Soul is also quite popular for its customizable character race selection including some cute little creatures for those who love Paimon.

After all, Blade & Soul puts players in the role of a nameless character who must stop an evil gang of world destroyers while making it personal with their goal of revenge. Grind is more or less on par with Genshin Impact.