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Rockstar Officially Confirms GTA 6's Presence

GTA 6 has long been rumored to be coming, but recently Rockstar Games has finally officially stated that the rumors are true. Yes, the latest Grand Theft Auto is being developed.

“Given the immeasurable longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have asked us about this new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series,” said Rockstar Games in its latest update, as quoted by IGN, Monday (7/2/2022). .

“With each new project we work on, our goal has always been to significantly exceed what we have delivered previously and we are happy to inform you that active development for the next Grand Theft Auto entry is underway.”

Interestingly, Rockstar Games did not openly write the name of GTA 6 in the update, they just called it the next GTA game. But if you look back at the five games in the previous GTA series, it looks like they will use the GTA 6 title.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games did not provide more detailed information about the long awaited game by fans, they said they would share the details as soon as everything is ready.

Previous leaks said the initial version of GTA 6 will be smaller than GTA 5, with updates to be rolled out gradually. Other rumors say this game will again take the background of Vice City.

Meanwhile, the huge time gap between GTA 5 and GTA 6 seems to have made fans very impatient. There are fans who think Rockstar inserted a leak about GTA 6 in the remastered version of the GTA trilogy, to fans who interrupt a TV show to ask for GTA 6.

It looks like GTA 6 is currently still in the early development stages and won’t be releasing any time soon. When referring to the previous franchise, GTA 5, Rockstar took at least 3 years to develop the game. So it is not impossible that the development of GTA 6 will take approximately the same time. Therefore, many predict that the new GTA 6 will be officially launched in 2024 or 2025.